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Climatic Cabinet Demo on STM32F429I-DISCOGemac CANtouch® CAN-Diagnostic System GUIEmbedded Wizard - GUI tool for high-performance UI DevelupmentGUI tool for high-performance UI Develupment and Prototyping
Embedded Wizard - UI tool for high-performance Graphical User Interface (GUI) Develupment

Your easy-to-handle tool for generating high-
performance UIs on any embedded platform

Embedded Wizard is TARA Systems' innovative software tool which enables you to create platform-independent and very high performant graphical user interfaces. One of its key characteristics is the drag-and-drop function, which facilitates the construction of great user interfaces with minimal programming effort.

In cooperation with you and your team, more than 25 years of experience in Embedded Systems allow us to get the very best out of your project – please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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New Platform Package for STM32F7 Discovery Board

stm32f7 discovery board

Embedded Wizard now supports the ARM cortex-M7 based STM32F7 SoC - bare metal using Chrom-ART. Try-out an Embedded Wizard demo application on the STM32F7 discovery board.

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Why our clients love to work with Embedded Wizard

GUI development tool - best results for any device

Best results – no matter which kind of device you’re targeting

Embedded Wizard’s unique architecture guarantees you the ideal outcome for your platform and delivers best results for any screen, be it a monochrome, a 16-bit color VGA or even a high-res retina display.

GUI development Tool - most performant code for any platform

Embedded Wizard generates the most performant code for any platform

Embedded Wizard carries out the most performant varieties of codes as it combines the whole architecture of drawing, compositioning and connecting to the underlying graphic drivers. This is due to the characteristic of Embedded Wizard being an full-featured Integrated Developer Environment and hence combining the whole process of im-
plementing graphical user interfaces in it.

GUI development tool - supporting multiple platforms

One project – supporting multiple platforms

Embedded Wizard’s platform independent programming language Chora and the strict usage of an abstraction layer ensures that your application – built with Embedded Wizard for one specific project – is automatically applicable for any other platform, too. As your application thus isn’t tied to just one platform, it perfectly suits for a multiplatform usage of any subsequent project.

GUI development tool - low footprint

Extremely low footprint

Embedded Wizard’s architecture ensures the outcome of very efficient code. This in turn keeps, in combination with the use of a very slim runtime environment and graphics engine, the RAM and ROM footprint as low as possible.

Gui development tool - drag-and-drop

Less programming - thanks to drag-and-drop functions and ready to use modules

Embedded Wizard’s features combine the benefits of a huge variety of template components and animations, which you can choose from a class library by simply using drag-and-drop. This feature not only minimizes the need of programming but also the risk of making mistakes. An ideal result which can be visualized in an early development stage is therefore guaranteed.

GUI development tool - best quality support

Best quality support – with more than 20 years of experience

If you should be confronted with any arising problems or questions when using Embedded Wizard, our team offers excellent professional services and helps you with the design, framework or even the realisation of the whole application. In addition to that we can also support you with the porting process to a new platform.

GUI development tool - newest innovations

Best functions - always a step ahead

Embedded Wizard’s features are constantly being developed further and comprise the newest innovations such as the possibility of using your application both on an Android as well as on an iOS based device – just with one and the same code.

GUI development tool - no royalty, unlimited use

No royalties – unlimited use

As your developed applications are royalty free, there are no costs per device and no limitation of their usage.

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New Embedded Wizard Version 6.51

With the new version 6.51 of Embedded Wizard we meet the demands arising from the latest projects in the industrial and consumer electronics domains. Those requirements are related to the increasing resolutions of displays and users′ expectations about the behaviour of animations and effects.

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Embedded Wizard has everything you need

Embedded Wizard runs as a five step process which helps you to easily create bugless graphical user interfaces – due to an early visualization of your outcome as well as various testing stages during the development.




  • Easy and fast developing with a visual canvas supporting drag and drop (Composer) for visual and nonvisual components like touch handler or effects
  • Ready-to-use components in the Mosaic Class Library (including menus, instruments, control interfaces for multi media, home appliances, industrial and medical devices, dynamic 2D/3D effects and animations, touch events, gesture recognition, control inputs, and many more)
  • Simulation of the target platform during the prototyping process (including platform specific preferences like screen resolution or color format)


User Testing

  • Test your user interface and detect potentials for improvement before going to the target with Embedded Wizard’s instant preview functionality.
  • Do user testing with executable PC applications in case the hardware isn't ready yet.



  • Fast Development and easy to maintain code thanks to Embedded Wizard's programming language Chora:
    • Object oriented
    • Contains graphic specific language types, which can be used directly
    • Platform independent programming language, based however on other modern languages like Java, C++ or C#
    • Encapsulates downturns of C/C++ like garbage collection or pointer arithmetic
  • Support by proven design patterns like Model-View-Controller
  • Support by assistants (e.g. color picker)



  • Integrated debugging tool: No need for debugging on target (integrated in development environment)
  • Integrated profiling mechanism: You can for example identify easily which areas of your surface are updated most often.



  • Bringing your application to a particular target: Embedded Wizard analyses the project, intercepts possible errors and translates it into optimized, highly reliable and still readable ANSI C code.
  • Specific Platform Package: Handles target specific aspects, like the CPU architecture, the operating system and the system’s color format.
  • Documentation: Automatically created Microsoft HTML help files (chm) based on the UI project.

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A first Glance at Embedded Wizard

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