What is Embedded Wizard?

Embedded Wizard is TARA Systems' embedded GUI technology that enables you to create platform-independent and high-performance graphical user interfaces (GUI), even on resource constrained microcontrollers.

Thanks to a comfortable IDE, an easy to learn programming language, rapid prototyping facilities, an efficient way to bring it to your target hardware and last but not least our professional services let you create sophisticated GUIs with minimum effort.


Consumer Electronics


Home Appliances

Impress your customer with a sophisticated GUI for your device!

Embedded Wizard lets you create GUIs that easily adopt the User Experience of smartphones with astonishing fast animations, gorgeous graphics and smart effects. See for yourself and watch this video with our latest demo on an STM32F7 Discovery Board.

Try this demo as a WebGL-Version right now in your browser.

Download and install this demo on your own STM32F7 Discovery.

Do it yourself or let us do the work

Our Embedded Wizard Team will support you through your whole development cycle according to your need. As the people behind Embedded Wizard are highly experienced UI developers for many years in a variety of projects, we can offer you a couple of services.

Consulting / Support
Software Development
Software Development
UX Services
UX Services

Why use Embedded Wizard?

Top UX on any Device

Embedded Wizard’s unique architecture guarantees you the ideal outcome for your platform and delivers best results for any screen, be it a monochrome, a 16-bit color VGA or even a high-res retina display.

See examples

High Performance on any Hardware

Embedded Wizard carries out the most performant codes as it combines the whole architecture of drawing, compositioning and connecting to the underlying graphic drivers.

Learn more about targeting

Extremely Low Footprint

Embedded Wizard’s architecture ensures the outcome of very efficient code. This in turn keeps, in combination with the use of a very slim runtime environment and graphics engine, the RAM and ROM footprint as low as possible.

Learn more about optimization

Embedded Wizard Speeds up your Development

One Project – Multiple Platforms

Embedded Wizard’s platform independent programming language Chora and the strict usage of an abstraction layer ensures that your application is automatically applicable for any other platform.

Less Programming

Thanks to a fully integrated IDE with a WYSIWYG editor and our Mosaic Components library your programming effort is reduced dramatically.

Learn more

Real Time Rendering and fast Prototyping

With Embedded Wizard you can see your results rendered in real time and make changes to the UI at any point in the process. With the built-in prototyper you can test your application's functionality and behaviour instantly.

Learn more

With Embedded Wizard your Product is Future Proof

Always a Step Ahead

Embedded Wizard's features are constantly being developed further and comprise the newest innovations mostly driven by the consumer electronics world always to stay ahead of your competitors.

See all features

25 Years of Experience

Within the last 25 years of our history as an independent software vendor our primary goal was always to achieve a high customer satisfaction and to establish and maintain long-term partnerships. As this is a major key of our success story there's definitely no plan to change that philosophy.

About us

No Royalties – Unlimited Use

As your developed applications are royalty free, there are no costs per device and no limitation of their usage.

Best Choice for any Embedded Device

Using Embedded Wizard you meet all requirements regarding input method, screen resolution, hardware specification, color format and operating systems. See some example configurations, that are common in the embedded domain and perfectly supported by Embedded Wizard.

TV Set

3840 × 2160px
Remote Control
SIGMA Designs SX6 UHD 

Label Printer

Hardware Buttons
Renesas RZ/A1H

Coffee Machine

Single Touch
Freescale i.MX35

Industrial HMI

Bare Metal
Touch + Buttons
+ Remote Web UI using JavaScript/ WebGL

CAN bus Analyser

Multi touch

Embedded Wizard supports almost any Platform

Embedded Wizard already supports more than 50 different embedded chipsets and various operating systems and can be adapted to your chosen environment easily. See supported Hardware.

Get Started with Embedded Wizard

Demo Application for STM32 / STM32F7 Discovery Board

Demo Application for STM32F7 Discovery Board

Experience the astonishing performance of an HMI application developed with Embedded Wizard on your own STM32F7 discovery board.

The demo application can be installed within less than 1 minute. Learn how.

Free Trial for STM32 / STM32F7 Discovery Board

Embedded Wizard Studio Free Evaluation Edition

Learn all necessary steps of GUI development with Embedded Wizard with an included step-by-step tutorial by means of an application example.

Start creating your first Application within five minutes.

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