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Quick Tour and Detailed Manuals

Start as a Beginner and become a Pro and dive into the details of the development with Embedded Wizard.

Tailored Workshops

In tailored workshops which are dedicated to the questions arising in your project, we raise your learning curve and speed up your development.

Contact our Support Team

If you have an urgent question being answerded directly, then simply contact us!

Quick Tour and Detailed Manuals

Explore further documentation resources that are available for Embedded Wizard.

The User Interface of Embedded Wizard

Get detailed information about how the whole IDE of Embedded Wizard works.

Chora - Programming Language

Chora - Embedded Wizard's object-oriented programming language for developing graphical user interfaces.

Mosaic Class Library

The Mosaic class library is the framework of Embedded Wizard. It provides you with a rich set of ready-to-use components.

Platform Packages

To execute a created GUI application within an embedded system it has to be translated and both resources as well as drawing functions have to be transformed to the target environment. This is done by the Platform Package that has to be purchased separately for your target platform.

Customer Workshops

Embedded Wizard, its IDE and workflow are tailored to facilitate all GUI development tasks. Understanding the tool's philosophy enables a faster and easier startup for developers. They will get familiar with the tool's helpful features right from the beginning and learn how to establish an elaborate project structure, which is easier to maintain and extend afterwards. For workshop details, agenda and pricing please contact us.

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