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GUI for Rotolight Titan™ X2


Product: Rotolight Titan™ X2
Company: Rotolight Group Ltd.
Domain: Consumer Electronics
Platform: STM32
GUI developed by: TARA Systems 

The Rotolight Titan, developed by the Rotolight Group at Pinewood film studios in UK, is a headlight for cinematic lighting. A revolution in lighting control, the Titan™ X2 has been globally praised for its industry-first SmartSoft™ technology, which allows users to electronically adjust the light’s diffusion, focus and spread. By a film lightning professional, its usage is described as “a quantum leap ahead of anything else I’ve seen” for the way it saves both time and money on set. The “well-built […] high-tech kit” offers features at a perfect price – that none of its rivals offer at any price1.

Rotolight planned on a first-time sophisticated HMI on an embedded system. The idea of the final product combined with a tight deadline, they decided to work with our GUI Services team.

Our Iterative Way
to the
Final Embedded UI

The innovative user interface, a perfect symbiosis of controlling via touch and haptic rotatory knobs, allows intuitive control directly on the lights. This brings a smile on the face of each lighting assistant. Rotolight allowed the GUI Services team to realize this part and got a highly sophisticated GUI solution within an ambitious schedule.

Rotolight planned on a first-time sophisticated HMI on an embedded system. With the idea of the final product combined with a tight deadline, they cooperated with our GUI Services team.

Based on Rotolights’ design our GUI Services provided a complete structure for the final GUI, including a complete simulation for the extended SmartSoft™ buttons. Thanks to our agile development method, new features were added and the usability was continuously improved until the delivery. This is necessary to realize just-in-time products with high innovation character. The product is marketed and sold worldwide.

We realised soon that the GUI Services team will find the best possible way to bring the planned embedded HMI to life within our brand-new lightning system. Our cooperation was frictionless and the result is stunning.
Robert Turner — Graphic Designer & Brand Manager

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