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SunStat® Climate Touch Panel


Product: SunStat® Gen 4
Company: Suntouch by Watts Water Technologies Co.
Domain: Home Appliances
Platform: NXP i.MX RT1050
GUI developed by: TARA Systems 

Householders who desire to upgrade their existing property in terms of heating optimization can easily install the electric radiant heating system of SunStat®. The already popular heating system by Suntouch received an update of its embedded GUI to offer even more flexibility in the operation.

Simplifying the Handling

The flexible electric floor-heating thermostats can be installed in the construction state or as a subsequent installation. Its fourth generation of SunTouch® controls is equipped with a touch panel for easiest operation for all family members. The smartphone-like electric floor heating GUI can control where and when floors are heated, thereby facilitating energy savings as well as comfort. Also, the local weather forecast is presented to the user. 

Our Contribution

We are pleased to support the Watts Water team within the whole GUI development process. From understanding our customer’s expectations to porting and releasing the product the SunTouch® team was in close cooperation with our team which realized the whole GUI part. 

The Result

The Sunstat® HMI brings the user in the driver’s seat for his heating system. Despite the restrictions of a lean embedded system with a 4.3″ display and a resolution of 480×272 pixels, a fast and intuitive control was realized, which is in no way inferior to the operation with the mobile app. Also in terms of optimal UX, the consumer has the choice between a landscape and portrait view. Thereby the clear and UX-optimized design uses only 2 MB of flash memory for each screen orientation.

Mike Fraser — Electronics Embedded Engineer Watts Water
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I would like to say that from start to finish, the team at TARA did an absolutely fantastic job, and the Embedded Wizard package proved to be of full value. It is a rock-solid product, and I am very impressed with the results, as are many others.

I especially want to single out Julian, who was a great pleasure to work with, and who showed the utmost professionalism, speed, agility, and accuracy throughout the entire project. The UI portion of this project went very smoothly because of his efforts, and I hope that in the future we will have an opportunity to work together again. Thank you very much for your contributions to this project.

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