Custom Modules

Your Shortcut to a Fast GUI Realization

What are Custom Modules?

Custom Modules are pre-coded software modules developed by our GUI Services team. Tailored to address specific application cases, these modules are designed to seamlessly integrate with Embedded Wizard, our powerful GUI development tool. Each Custom Module is a refined solution, encapsulating advanced functionalities and features that can be effortlessly incorporated into your projects.

Embedded Wizard’s Custom Modules are your gateway to achieving unparalleled time and cost savings. Empower your development process with our expertly crafted solutions and experience the seamless integration of sophisticated functionalities into your GUI project, without the additional burden of extensive development efforts. 

Your Benefits

Quick & Easy Implementation

Seamless integration with Embedded Wizard and effortless incorporation into your GUI project

Time and Cost Savings

No additional burden of extensive development efforts on your end

High-Efficient Code

Sophisticated functionalities but still ressource-
efficient and reliable code

State-of-the-art GUIs

Expertly crafted modules according to the latest GUI standards

Test Framework 2.0

This comprehensive tool facilitates the seamless implementation and execution of various GUI tests including regression, integration, acceptance, and unit tests. Additionally, it offers features such as GUI state and screenshot comparison.

Key Features:

  •     Test Coding
  •     Test Recording
  •     Screenshot Comparison
  •     GUI Status Comparison

The Test Framework 2.0 is designed to streamline the testing process, ensuring robustness and reliability of the GUI’s functionalities.

Extended Virtual Keyboard

This versatile module caters to diverse language needs with its Latin keyboard featuring accents, Cyrillic/Greek keyboard, and a number pad, providing comprehensive support for various language inputs.

Key Features:

  • Latin Keyboard with Accents: Seamlessly input accented characters for enhanced language expression and accuracy.
  • Cyrillic/Greek Keyboard: Effortlessly switch between different character sets, accommodating users who require Cyrillic or Greek alphabets.
  • Number Pad: Conveniently access and input numerical values, streamlining data entry tasks.

With our Extended Virtual Keyboard you can effortlessly handle multilingual text inputs. The keyboard comes preloaded with a variety of languages and offers easy configuration options to add new languages as needed. 

Extended Virtual Keyboard
Pinyin AddOn

The Pinyin AddOn for our Extended Virtual Keyboard is designed to enhance the typing experience with a comprehensive Pinyin input engine and customizable mapping table. 

Key Features:

  • Pinyin Input Engine: Seamlessly integrate the official romanization system for Standard Chinese across mainland China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan. This allows users to input Chinese characters accurately and effortlessly.
  • Adjustable Mapping Table: Customize the mapping table to suit individual preferences and specific use cases, ensuring an intuitive typing experience.
  •  Multiline Pinyin Preview: The multiline preview of Pinyin inputs provides users with a clear and comprehensive view of their text before finalizing input.

With the Pinyin AddOn you can effortlessly expand the functionality of our Extended Virtual Keyboard to include Pinyin input support, a crucial feature for individuals typing in Chinese across various regions. 

PNG Decoder

Our PNG Decoder offers a range of benefits tailored to enhance image handling capabilities within your Embedded Wizard projects.

Key Features:

  •  Inaris PNG Decoder in ANSI-C (PngSuite tested): Benefit from a proven and reliable decoding engine tested with the PngSuite benchmark.
  •  Embedded Wizard Binding as Bitmap Resource: Simplify integration into your Embedded Wizard projects by treating decoded PNGs as easily accessible bitmap resources.
  •  Incremental PNG Decoding: Load PNG images incrementally from any buffer, preventing GUI blocking even in environments without an operating system.
  •  Instant Color Conversion: Quickly convert image colors for seamless display, ensuring vibrant visuals without performance overhead.
  •  Multi-frame Bitmap Support: Handle PNG images with multiple frames, enabling support for animations and complex visuals.
  •  Screen Orientation Support: Adapt images to various screen orientations, ensuring consistent display across different devices and viewing modes.

The PNG Decoder allows for dynamic image changes during program execution.

QR Code Widget

With our QR Code Widget, you can effortlessly incorporate dynamic QR code functionality into your embedded GUI. 

Key Features:

  • Optimized Rendering: Experience efficient and high-quality rendering of QR codes, ensuring clear and accurate representation within your GUI.
  • Ease of Integration: Seamlessly integrate dynamic QR code functionality into your GUI, enhancing user engagement and interaction.
  • Dynamic Adjustments: Easily customize QR code size and coloring to suit your specific design requirements and user preferences.

The QR Code Widget allows users to seamlessly integrate dynamic QR code functionality into their embedded GUI. With optimized rendering users can ensure consistent and reliable QR code display across different projects and environments.

Data Model

With 25 years of experience in embedded GUI development, we guarantee your success. GUI development has its own very particular challenges and requires in-depth knowledge and understanding. The Embedded Wizard team shares their expertise of one of the most advanced tools of its kind.

The professionals of Embedded Wizard GUI Services are highly experienced in embedded systems. We are the perfect partner supporting you with individual training, architecture, and UX design, scalable up to full GUI development – to shorten your time-to-market and contribute to a great product.

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