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To develop its new user interface, Loewe is partnering with TARA Systems again, using their GUI technology Embedded Wizard. As a result of the close collaboration, Loewe was once again able to set standards that to a great extent are unrivaled in elegance, user-friendliness, and in joy of use.

The Challenge

Creating a SmartTV User Interface with its enormous complexity, including LiveTV, EPG, Streaming Services, Media Browsing, Media Playback, Apps, Settings, Encryption and many more, and all this in a wide range of languages and country specific derivations, is a challenging task.

At the same time it should be presented in a uniform way and be adaptable to new design trends in the future. In addition, the user interface is requested to be able to run on a wide variety of platforms, covering all features from top high-end to mid-range.

The Solution

In regard of these technical challenges, Loewe chose TARA Systems, since we have many years of experience in the TV segment and in the development of high performance frontends for embedded systems.

When selecting the frontend technology, Loewe chose our GUI solution Embedded Wizard, as it is specially designed for effective implementation of high-performance, animation-driven frontends, and allows the same software project to be mapped on various SoCs with minimal effort.

At the beginning we conducted PoCs (Proofs of Concept) for performance of critical animations and carried out tests on the SoC. This enabled us to identify non-implementable animations in advance and to share the result with Loewe’s design department, which developed alternatives in cooperation with us. As a result, it was possible to avoid costs for changes at a later development stage.

Subsequently, we fully analyzed the entire UI specification, and developed flexible and clear software architecture. Further changes at a later time could easily be incorporated, and it was possible to reduce development expense with reusable code blocks.

We carefully tested all software components prior to each delivery. Thus it was possible for Loewe to smoothly integrate the software.

The Result

Loewe has once again placed its trust in us, this time for realising the User Interface for its newest OLED TV generation. Loewe relies on our technical competence, feedback on UX, feasibility studies, and appreciates our professional and reliable realization.

See the official product page of Loewe bild 7.

The beautifully detailed and considered design also applies to the user interface which features sophisticated modern graphics and strong user centric design principles making operation of the TV a pure delight.

The LOEWE Individual is equipped with an extremely clear, entirely new and intuitively usable operating concept: LOEWE Assist Media. […] Sophisticated animation, both in terms of technology and form – such as Cover Flow or picture collages – makes navigation through the extensive media offering a genuine experience.

Loewe Individual TV

In a survey by the German industry service "markt intern", retailers voted Loewe as the "Top Television Brand" in 2016.

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