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New Platform Package for STM32F469

26 Nov 2015

With the new ARM Cortex-M4 based STM32F469 SoC from STMicroelectronics you can easily use wide-spread displays found in smartphones and wearables by utilizing the SoC's built-in display serial interface (DSI). With Embedded Wizard you can develop and deploy high-performance GUIs in an efficient way very quickly.

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New Platform Package for STM32F7 Discovery Board

10 Jul 2015

Embedded Wizard now supports the new ARM Cortex-M7 based STM32F7 SoC from STMicroelectronics, which convinces with incredible power and low energy consumption.. Experience the astonishing performance of an HMI application developed with Embedded Wizard on your own STM32F7 Discovery Board.

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Embedded Wizard @ DESIGN & ELEKTRONIK - HMI Developers' Forum

15 May 2015

The DESIGN & ELEKTRONIK Developers' Forum »HMI - Components & Solutions" invited hardware and software manufacturers to present various solutions for human machine interfaces (HMI). At our booth we presented to visitors some Embedded Wizard demo applications on new platforms. And Manuel Melic - Product Manager for Embedded Wizard - gave a presentation on "Best Practices in Embedded GUI Development".

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New Embedded Wizard Version 6.51

09 Mar 2015

With the new version 6.51 of Embedded Wizard we meet the demands arising from the latest projects in the industrial and consumer electronics domains. Those requirements are related to the increasing resolutions of displays and users' expectations about the behaviour of animations and effects.

Embedded Wizard @ Embedded World 2015

26 Feb 2015

We presented new Embedded Wizard demo applications with a modern GUI design on booths of our partners Emtrion (Hall 1 Booth 1-142), Garz & Fricke (Hall 2 Booth 2-230), EUROS (Hall 4 Booth 4-470) and Mentor Graphics (Hall 4 Booth 4-422).

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