Out now: Embedded Wizard 11

What’s new in Embedded Wizard 11? With the just-released version 11 you’ve added a second optimization level to the Chora compiler. How does this enhance the development process? As you probably already know, the Chora Compiler “converts” the GUI program developed with Embedded Wizard Studio to the target’s source code, which is usually for embedded systems[…]

New: Embedded Wizard 10.0

New Version Embedded Wizard 10.0 with Extensive Improvements The just-released Embedded Wizard version 10.0, the professional software for the realization of graphical user interfaces (GUI), contains extensive and time-efficient process improvements within the integrated development environment (IDE). Furthermore, the own visual programming language Chora receives extensions to data types and functions. The license models were[…]

GUI Services by Embedded Wizard: Why Customers Enjoy Working with us

Aspiration: Wow-Experience and Over-Exceeding Customer Expectations with GUI Services As a cutting-edge software company, TARA Systems focuses on best user experiences. We make sure we are always in-the-know when it comes to the latest Graphical User Interface (GUI) innovations for embedded systems in sectors like automotive and automation, medical, consumer electronics, home appliances or industrial.[…]

MCUXpresso: TARA Systems collaborating with NXP

TARA Systems collaborating with NXP: Spicing up the GUI developer tool scene with Embedded Wizard integrated into MCUXpresso SDK Two webinars ahead presented and hosted by NXP, supported by Embedded Wizard Embedded Wizard is a reliable embedded GUI development framework by TARA Systems, a member of the NXP Partner Programm. NXP, the world leader in[…]

Let’s Meet @EW20!

Embedded world 2020 is approaching. We are preparing our successful exchange with tech professionals and decision-makers in Nuremberg from 25 until 27 February 2020. What Can You Expect When Paying us a Visit? We showcase a bunge of new demos: You’ll see the latest version 9.30 of the Embedded Wizard performing on a car instrumental[…]

ESE Congress 2019

This year we participated for the 4th time in Germany’s largest Embedded Software Engineering Congress. The variety of topics has called developers for embedded systems (and those who want to become one) from all over Germany to Sindelfingen. Some hundred IT experts came and listened to keynotes and deepened their knowledge in special workshops. We[…]

Embedded Wizard 9.30

It’s update-time again: In Sprints, our developers have optimized and enhanced our UI tool Embedded Wizard, to guarantee you as a developer the best user experience. Here is a brief overview of the updates in the 9.30 release: Memory usage monitoring (RAM & Flash) We added the possibility of monitoring. A bar chart shows the[…]

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