Elevating Multilingual GUI Development with Monotype

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We are delighted to announce our partnership with Monotype, signifying an advancement in the realm of multilingual GUI development. With Embedded Wizard 13, we took a significant step forward in empowering developers to create rich and immersive user interfaces for embedded systems in any language. In collaboration with Monotype, a pioneer in font technology and type design, we have integrated their powerful Spark™ engine into Embedded Wizard, enabling seamless support for complex text layout shaping.

The Role of External Shaping Engines

In the diverse landscape of software development, multilingual GUI development presents both challenges and opportunities. Previous versions of Embedded Wizard have already supported a wide array of languages, including those utilizing Cyrillic script or Chinese characters. However, scripts like Devanagari (which is used to write various languages such as Sanskrit, Prakrit, and Hindi) pose unique difficulties due to their intricate script structures. Their characters have intricate shapes and complex arrangements, and as a result, traditional text rendering techniques may not adequately support these scripts, leading to incorrect or unreadable text display. Thus, achieving accurate text rendering in these scripts requires specialized algorithms and rendering techniques, which is where external shaping engines come into play.

Embedded Wizard 13 introduced support for external shaping engines that are specifically designed to handle the nuances of complex scripts, e.g. Thai and Devanagari, ensuring accurate and visually appealing text rendering. We have successfully pre-integrated and validated Monotype’s Spark™, an advanced font engine designed to thrive in resource-constrained environments. With its low memory footprint and optimized performance, Spark is tailored for devices with small memory size and low CPU speed, ensuring efficient memory utilization for other essential features. This innovative engine enables devices such as smart watches, wearables, medical devices, and automotive dashboards to display a wider range of text without sacrificing memory resources. Spark empowers developers to go global by supporting more languages, larger character sets, and different font sizes, facilitating rapid adaptation to diverse market environments and user demands while maintaining optimal UI performance.

Our Collaboration with Monotype

Monotype’s extensive expertise in font technology and type design perfectly complements Embedded Wizard’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for embedded GUI development. Their Spark™ engine is renowned for its advanced capabilities in text layout shaping, which made it the ideal choice for handling complex scripts with precision and efficiency. By joining forces, we aimed to address the growing demand for multilingual GUI development, opening up new opportunities for application localization as well as internationalization, and enhancing the user experience across diverse linguistic landscapes.

With the integration of external shaping engines, Embedded Wizard 13 empowers developers to unleash their creativity and cater to diverse linguistic preferences like never before. Whether you’re developing embedded GUIs for global markets, creating products for multilingual users, or simply exploring new design possibilities, Embedded Wizard 13 provides the tools you need to succeed to deliver a seamless and engaging multilingual user experience.

We invite you to explore Embedded Wizard 13 in order to experience its limitless possibilities of embedded GUI development free from linguistic boundaries:

About Monotype

Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. is a company specializing in font technology and type design. They are known for their extensive expertise in creating and licensing fonts for a wide range of applications, including digital and print media, mobile devices, and embedded systems. Monotype offers a diverse library of typefaces, from classic designs to contemporary styles, and provides innovative solutions for text rendering, layout, and typography. Additionally, Monotype has developed advanced font technologies and tools to support multilingual text rendering, complex script shaping, and high-quality typography across various platforms and devices. Their products and services are used by designers, developers, and organizations worldwide to enhance the visual appearance and readability of text in digital and print communications.

About Embedded Wizard

Embedded Wizard is an award-winning GUI tool by TARA Systems, offering a comprehensive solution for creating rich and responsive user interfaces across various embedded systems. With a focus on ease of use, performance, and scalability, Embedded Wizard empowers engineers and developers to realize their design visions with unmatched efficiency and flexibility.

Furthermore, the GUI Services team of specializes in providing personalized, one-on-one collaboration to create a customized solution that perfectly aligns with the customer’s product vision. This includes tailored trainings, architectural guidance and UX design services, all the way up to complete GUI development.

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