Embedded Software Engineering Kongress 2023 – Our Highlights

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Step back in time with us as we reminisce on our 6th year as exhibitor at the Embedded Software Engineering Kongress . At the Embedded Software Engineering Kongress 2023, Germany’s leading congress for the embedded software industry, more than 1200 professionals gathered to converse about the latest technologies and methods, engage in discussions about emerging trends and collectively create stepping stones towards the future.

Highlighting Achievements: A Glimpse into our Booth

We were excited and proud to showcase some of our latest projects at the Embedded Software Engineering Kongress. This event allowed us to demonstrate the endless possibilities that are feasible with our GUI solution Embedded Wizard and occasionally with the support of our GUI Services team. Our demos presented Embedded Wizard’s versatility across various sectors, ranging from revolutionary consumer electronics, such as the Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7, to the precision-driven industrial applications of the XL3 Acoustic Analyzer or the highly competitive automotive domain with the Car Diagnostics Scan Tool APOLLO-D9. Our showcases offered insights into the diverse customization possibilities of Embedded Wizard, demonstrating how it can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

Furthermore, the ESE congress once again served as a fantastic opportunity to present the seamless performance of our software on the platforms of our esteemed partners. This flawless interplay guarantees the optimal user experience for our valued customers, emphasizing our dedication to delivering a top-notch GUI solution within the dynamic landscape of the industry.

Strengthening Connections: Interactions with other Professionals

ESE 2023 - Our Booth

Manuel Melic (center) and Manfred Schweyer (right) from Embedded Wizard alongside Daniel Höser (left) from our partner Phytec.

Beyond the technological showcases, our experience at the ESE 2023 was defined by conversations with fellow enthusiasts. The congress provided a valuable platform for us to connect with partners, potential collaborators, customers and industry peers. Engaging in insightful discussions, we shared expertise and exchanged ideas. Most importantly, we acquired valuable insights into our customers’ requirements and challenges. It was a pleasure to connect with the other attendees and the discussions at this event reinforced our commitment to advancing embedded software.

A sincere thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth at ESE 2023. We are very grateful for the interesting conversations and for the occasion to present our GUI solution. As we reflect on the success of this year’s ESE congress, we eagerly anticipate participating in upcoming events and look forward to the exciting journey ahead, filled with new possibilities, collaborations, and technological advancements. Our next event will be the Embedded World 2024 in Nuremberg – we’re excited to meet some of you there!

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