Distributor for Australia and New Zealand: MIGTEC

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We’re thrilled to welcome MIGTEC as Embedded Wizard’s new distributor for Australia and New Zealand. Due to a robust presence in secure software development and quality assurance, MIGTEC brings a wealth of expertise to our global network of distributors.

Through this collaboration, the Embedded Wizard team continues its mission of providing a premium graphical user interface (GUI) solution to developers worldwide. Our comprehensive tool grants unparalleled ease of use, performance, and scalability, enabling the realization of design visions with efficiency and flexibility. This partnership strenghtens our commitment to customer satisfaction. It offers customers in Australasia localized support, specialized knowledge, and communication during their own time zone. With tailored solutions crafted for this market, our new distributor is here to elevate your projects to new heights. Get in touch with them at your convenience.


Based in Sydney, MIGTEC is renowned for delivering premier quality assurance services tailored to diverse industries, including Automotive and Healthcare. They partner with leading tool vendors and specialize in providing strategic solutions for software quality assurance and security practices. As Embedded Wizard’s distributor for Australia and New Zealand, MIGTEC endeavors to deliver this GUI solution to their customers. Consequently, this will enable MIGTEC’s customers to enhance their competitive edge.

In addition, MIGTEC is committed to driving operational excellence and enhancing software resilience against threats and vulnerabilities. Their comprehensive services include thorough quality assurance testing, secure requirements management, and secure software development using cutting-edge tools. Moreover, customer satisfaction is paramount for this company. For instance, they pride themselves on being easy to deal with and are dedicated to delivering transformative outcomes promptly. With their expertise, extensive technological knowledge, and firmly embedded service culture, MIGTEC ensures a seamless experience at every level.

About Embedded Wizard

Embedded Wizard is an award-winning solution for creating GUIs for embedded systems from TARA Systems based in Munich, Germany. The mission of the Embedded Wizard team is to provide developers with the most convenient and efficient tool for programming GUIs. Developers use this versatile framework to create complex user interfaces in a very short time and are able to stand out from their competitors due to the numerous highly sophisticated features. GUIs created with Embedded Wizard are already used on more than 500 million devices worldwide. Embedded Wizard also offers customers a portfolio of services by the GUI Services team. These cover customer support, Embedded Wizard training sessions, and GUI prototyping up to complete GUI implementations.

Under the umbrella of the independent software company TARA Systems, the Embedded Wizard is constantly improving and entering more and more industries and markets worldwide. TARA Systems offers components and services for embedded systems in the fields of Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, Industrial, Automotive, and Mobile Devices. The company has been specializing on reliable solutions for GUIs and digital television reception for more than 30 years.

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