Full Support of GigaDevice GD32H759

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Fast Support of a Superior Microcontroller Unit

We are excited to announce the seamless integration of our GUI solution Embedded Wizard with GigaDevice’s GD32H759 MCU. Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure swift and comprehensive support for this advanced platform, enabling our customers to realize their ideas even faster. This accomplishment underscores our commitment to delivering unparalleled innovation to developers in record time.

The GD32H7 series provides outstanding processing capabilities combined with energy efficiency, extensive connectivity options, and robust security features. It is well-suited for a variety of applications including signal processing, precise motor control, digital power management, energy storage systems, audio and voice recognition, as well as graphic and image processing tasks. The MCU family features an Arm® Cortex®-M7 high-performance core, with up to 600MHz clock frequency. Its performance is further increased by the high bandwidth and the six-stage pipeline architecture with branch prediction capability, exceeding more than 40% of Cortex®-M4 products.

The collaboration between TARA Systems’ Embedded Wizard team and GigaDevice has proven highly beneficial, particularly in accelerating development processes and expediting time-to-market. By integrating the GD32H759 with Embedded Wizard, engineers are able to leverage the features of GigaDevice’s microcontroller while enjoying the intuitive user interfaces provided by our GUI solution. They gain access to a wide range of benefits, including enhanced performance, reduced power consumption, expanded peripheral options, and user-friendly interfaces. This integration streamlines HMI development, empowering our customers to efficiently create sophisticated graphical displays.

"We are amazed at the short timeframe in which TARA Systems' Embedded Wizard team has managed to port their GUI solution to the GD32H759. With Embedded Wizard's support, developers can easily harness the capabilities of the GD32H7 series to create immersive user experiences across a wide range of applications. Whether it's IoT devices, industrial control systems, automotive displays, or consumer electronics, our collaboration empowers engineers to bring their innovative visions to life."

A Flourishing Partnership

Our collaboration with GigaDevice has resulted in significant benefits for engineers, offering them innovative solutions that meet their evolving needs. We look forward to further leveraging this synergy to drive continued innovation and deliver exceptional value to our customers. Since the partnership commenced in 2023, significant milestones have been achieved. Other than integrating the powerful GD32H759 microcontroller, a notable achievement is the successful porting of our GUI solution to the GD32F470, a testament to the seamless interplay of our software and GigaDevice’s hardware.

About Embedded Wizard:
Embedded Wizard is a market-leading GUI tool by TARA Systems, offering a comprehensive solution for creating rich and responsive user interfaces across various embedded systems. With a focus on ease of use, performance, and scalability, Embedded Wizard empowers engineers and developers to realize their design visions with unmatched efficiency and flexibility.

Furthermore, the GUI Services team specialises in providing personalised, one-on-one collaboration to create a customised solution that perfectly aligns with the customer’s product vision. This includes tailored trainings, architectural guidance and UX design services, all the way up to complete GUI development.

About GigaDevice:
GigaDevice Semiconductor Inc. is a leading global fabless supplier dedicated to establishing a comprehensive ecosystem with key product lines at its forefront. With a focus on flash memory, MCUs, sensors, and power, GigaDevice offers an extensive array of solutions and services across various sectors including industrial, automotive, computing, consumer electronics, IoT, mobile, networking, and communications.

To explore the possibilities for your next project and to learn more about Embedded Wizard’s support for GigaDevice’s GD32H7 MCU series, take a look at our Knowledge Base:

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