Our Design Partners

No matter how mature your concept might already be – we’re exactly what you’re looking for. If there’s already a spectrum of features set in your mind, a rough idea of your application’s requirements or even only a business target you want to reach, you can start developing your product with us right now.

This is possible only because of our close partnerships with various design agencies which enable a fast and precise realization of your visions.

One Team

Brief and direct communication

Asking for the technical feasibility or interim results might be troublesome or even wholly mistakable. Or it might be fast, direct and open – if you choose working with us.

Well attuned processes

Well established processes and longtime experiences with each partner’s specifications enable us to minimize the specification effort and will hence save you time and trouble.


Our partners’ high reliability guarantees highest qualities as well as a perfect adherence to deadlines which makes it a very smooth collaboration for all of us.

One-to-one conversations

As one-to-one communication still is the most efficient way of conversation, it is a huge benefit that all our partner agencies are located in Munich. Face-to-face meetings are therefore always very easy and flexibly to implement.

Ergosign GmbH

User Experience Design for Industry, Medical and Enterprise Applications

Shapefield UG

User Experience Design & User Interface Development for Enterprise, Industry, Automotive and Pharmacy Applications


Industry focus: Consumer Electronics (TV, STB, VOD)

User Interface Design GmbH (UID)

Industry focus: Consumer Electronics, Enterprise, Industrial, Medical, Automotive


Industry focus: Building Technology, Consumer Electronics, Household Appliances, Medical, Software, Transportation

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