GUI Development on STM32 based platforms

Embedded Wizard simplifies your GUI Development on STM32 and lets you create high-performance Graphical User Interfaces with minimal effort. Embedded Wizard is highly adapted to support STMicroelectronics’ variety of STM32 microcontrollers in a best way by using ST’s 2D graphics accelerator Chrom-ART™.

Why should I use Embedded Wizard?

Quick & easy Development

Full-featured IDE to develop HMIs (including prototyping, debugging and profiling on your development PC)

All-in-One GUI Project

Localization, internationalization, themes or different screen resolutions within one GUI project due to full OOP, variants and UNICODE support

Performance Boost

Utilizing of STMicroelectronics' graphics accelerator Chrom-ART™ by using the DMA2D API

Runs with or without OS

HMIs can run on bare metal or with various RTOSes, like FreeRTOS, Nucleus and others

No Dependencies

Regarding resolution, orientation, color depth or color format

High-Efficient Code

Very small RAM and ROM footprint

State-of-the-art GUIs

Implement stunning and smartphone-like GUIs with high-performance animations and transitions

Unlimited use

Neither royalties per device, maintenance fees nor any regular subscriptions fees

Download Free Edition

Get to know Embedded Wizard's workflow and generate source code for your STM32 platform.



STM32F4 Series

ARM Cortex-M4

With the ARM Cortex-M4 based STM32F429/39 chipset from ST, high-performance GUI applications with fluent animations while having a low memory footprint can be implemented easily. In addition to that, you can easily use wide-spread displays found in smartphones and wearables by utilizing the STM32F469 MCU’s built-in display serial interface (DSI).


STM32F7 Series

ARM Cortex-M7

The ARM Cortex-M7 based STM32F746 MCU from STMicroelectronics convinces with incredible power and low energy consumption. Take advantage of STM32F769’s built-in hardware JPEG-Decoder and play even videos with a high-framerate on a resource-constrained microcontroller.


STM32L4+ Series

Arm Cortex-M4

The STM32L4+ Series is an ultra-low-power microcontrollers family based on the high-performance Arm® Cortex®-M4 32-bit RISC core. With 640 Kbytes of embedded RAM, graphics performance (Chrom-ART Accelerator™), and DSI controller, the STM32L4R9 Discovery kit enables users to easily prototype applications with state-of-the-art energy efficiency, as well as stunning audio and graphics rendering with direct support for AMOLED DSI round LCD display.