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Prototype Development​

You have a UI design idea – but first need a prototype as a proof of concept or to demonstrate your ideas to your stakeholders? Our professionals do the prototyping for you, in about two weeks, including +/- 5 screens.

The prototype both runs within the Embedded Wizard or on any platforms supported by Embedded Wizard.
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Framework Development

We create a robust and flexible framework tailored for your GUI application. A framework includes your desired GUI elements, the mechanics needed for your application, and a stubbed adaptation layer to your middleware. Then we pass the framework to your GUI development team. You can speed up your projected time and enhance your learning curve.

Application Development​

You need a ready-to-use GUI, but do not want to involve in-house engineers? We take over the planning, implementation, and maintenance of your GUI. We can also cover your GUI design and UX design if desired.

Custom Widgets

An essential non-standard element is hard to implement for you? Or do you require a unified corporate design and behavior for all of your GUIs? Let us create custom widgets for you. Your optimized Widgets will be re-used within all of your Embedded Wizard projects.

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