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Platform Integration & Porting​

Although the porting of Embedded Wizard is a straightforward process, every platform is individual and, as a result, every port is unique. With our Platform Integration and Porting services, we take care of the quick start of your UI development and port it directly to your custom hardware. Details »

Technical Support​

Well-structured and profound documentation is key – but does not automatically ensure that a problem can easily be solved. Our support team consists of experienced Embedded Wizard experts, and they are always pleased to help you out.

Test Framework

In the end, it is about testing. Therefore we developed a helpful and sophisticated Test Framework that allows automated unit, integration, regression, and acceptance tests. It supports a set of useful features such as screenshot comparison with delta images or recording and playback of user interaction sequences for the quick test implementation.
Learn more about the Test Framework »

Performance Optimization​

We help you to get the most out of your embedded platform by optimizing your code and taking advantage of all the performance-related features of Embedded Wizard.

Code Review

We review your GUI source code and give recommendations – from conception through to realization – for getting the best performance out of the whole range of functionalities of Embedded Wizard.

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