Embedded Wizard Workshop

Perfect Start For Your GUI Project

We offer face to face workshops for an easy start-up with Embedded Wizard. In a two days session you will learn how to develop a GUI in an efficient way and get a perfect starting base for your GUI project. The customized interactive training is usually based on your planned GUI project ideas to achieve the best learning effect and the useful workshop outcome.

Fast and easy entry into GUI development with Embedded Wizard

Good starting base for further developments

Practical know-how from professionals

Tailored exactly to your needs


It is always a pleasure to meet new customers at our premises here in the south of Munich, where the workshop usually takes place. Here are some impressions from the past ones:

Our Approach

Embedded Wizard Workshop - Training

A two-days workshop @TARA with up to three participants including preparation and postprocessing = 2.400 €.

Training Agenda

Day 1


Embedded Wizard


Platform Package

Embedded Wizard Studio, the IDE

Mosaic Framework

Sample GUIs

Test Framework

Interactive Hands-On-Training

Day 2

Customer specific Hands-On-Training (whole day)

Create resources out of design assets

Structure a GUI project

Create a custom widget(s) and screen(s)

Add device access



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