About us

Introducing Our Team

Alexander Wass
- Managing Director of TARA Systems -
Alexander initiated the Embedded Wizard project together with Manfred and Paul, laid the financial basis and found first customers. Still Alex is involved in all strategic decisions and supports Embedded Wizard wherever it is possible. Due to his background in consumer electronics he knows and understands the customers’ requirements - especially of those who are active in the domain of industrial, medical and home appliances: Today, customers have to deal with cost effective microcontrollers and displays which extend or even replace classical control elements. He strongly believes that our professional GUI Services together with Embedded Wizard will generate a great User Experience, further reduce time to market and save development costs.
Manuel Melic
- Product Manager -
Manuel studied computer sciences and got first in touch with the Embedded Wizard technology more than ten years ago when he wrote his diploma thesis about IoT protocols in combination with a UI application. Ever since he knows the challenges an embedded software engineer has to cope with everyday. And this profound engineering background helps Manuel in his role as Embedded Wizard’s Product Manager to identify and to understand the customer’s requirements in order to find the best possible solution when it comes to creation of fast-responsive Graphical User Interfaces - especially on embedded systems.
Rudolf Leberfinger
- Head of GUI Services -
Rudolf is a computer scientist with more than 15 years of experience in embedded GUI development using several technologies but mainly using Embedded Wizard. He has been leading the GUI Services team in Munich & Brasov for 5 years now. With his team he helps many customers with training, framework implementation and realizing their GUI projects. He is also responsible that projects are realized within the planned time and budget. As a lead user he brings also in new requirements to Embedded Wizard Studio and helps to improve it further.
Manfred Schweyer
- Embedded Wizard Expert / Partner -
Manfred is an embedded system engineer with more than 20 years experience in Graphical User Interfaces in the domain of resource constrained devices. Since the beginning of Embedded Wizard he is involved in all technical aspects. He is responsible for the adaptation of Platform Packages to new targets and takes care for a highly optimized integration in order to achieve the best possible performance. Based on the experience with many different MCUs and MPUs, he can give reliable advices which user interfaces can be realized on a certain platform and what effects or animations can be achieved. Ask him in case of tricky technical issues.
Paul Banach
- Embedded Wizard Architect / Partner -
Without any doubt, when talking about Embedded Wizard, we have to think of Paul Banach. As the original initiator of the technology Paul has crucially determined the concepts and the technology behind Embedded Wizard. With the programming language Chora and the idea of a Platform Package he has managed to create an extremely platform-independent and at the same time highly efficient GUI development and prototyping solution. Paul is responsible for the technological advancement of Embedded Wizard Studio and he is the contact person when it comes to core aspects of the tool.
Nadia Lukic
- Marketing -
Nadia studied Computational Linguistics and Online Marketing Management, which gave her a good base for dealing with technical aspects of Embedded Wizard on the one hand, and knowing in how to provide the needed information to the customer, on the other. She chairs the weekly marketing scrum, where the team meets to discuss current topics and define next steps, and brings that fresh input into shape - wheather it be a new information on the website, a social media post or a newsletter. Customer satisfaction and loyalty play a central role of all Embedded Wizard's marketing activities.

Excellence in Embedded Software

TARA Systems is a technology driven software company providing components and services for embedded systems in the field of consumer electronic, industrial, medical, automotive and mobile devices. We focus on reliable solutions for graphical user interface tools and developments as well as digital TV reception. More than 25 years of experience in these domains enable us to offer our customers high quality innovative products. These allow them to differentiate from competitors and win the user’s attraction.

With Embedded Wizard, TARA Systems released its fourth generation of GUI development tools, driven by the idea to provide a comfortable workflow for embedded systems, which has until now been known only from PC development. GUIs created with Embedded Wizard have been deployed on more than 100 millions devices worldwide.

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