GUI Prototype Development

Early Stage Proof-of-Concept

Development of a GUI prototype is an important step in the product development cycle. We help you to achieve exactly that by preparing a fully functional GUI prototype according to your specifications.

Reduce project risks by detecting possible troubles regarding the performance, RAM/flash usage or color space in the early phase.

save time

Save time by reusing the protoype as a base for your full application development.

Convince your audience and stakeholders with presentations, interactive trainings or on the web for sales and marketing.

Our Workflow

Step #1

You provide us with your UI design and define the most important aspects of the prototype (approx. 5 screens). If you don’t have a design yet, we can recommend you one of our partner design agencies.

Step #2

We start the development work and involve you during the process to get the best out of your design on the dedicated platform.

Step #3

We deliver a ready-to-use prototype which runs on your dedicated hardware. The delivery includes Embedded Wizard project as source code and the executable for your target platform.

Prototype for eScooter GUI


GUI Prototype Development - 8800€

for approx. 5 screens (design is not included)

(1) Embedded Wizard GUI project as source code
(2) Embedded Wizard Platform Package for demonstration purposes only (binary)
(3) Project is ready to run within Embedded Wizard's Prototyper

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