Sophisticated GUI for Your Embedded Platform

Embedded Wizard is TARA Systems' embedded GUI technology that enables you to create platform-independent and high-performance graphical user interfaces (GUI), even on resource constrained microcontrollers.


Consumer Electronics



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Impress Your Customers with a Sophisticated GUI for Your Device!

Embedded Wizard lets you create GUIs that easily adopt the User Experience of smartphones with astonishingly fast animations, gorgeous graphics and smart effects. See for yourself and watch this video with our latest demo on NXP's i.MX RT1050.

Try this demo as a WebGL-Version right now in your browser.

Download and install this demo on your own i.MX RT1050 Discovery.

Do It Yourself or Let Us Do the Work

Our Embedded Wizard team will support you throughout your entire development cycle - according to your specific needs. The experts behind Embedded Wizard are UI developers with many years' experience under their belts, and as such we offer you a range of specialized services.



Why Use Embedded Wizard?

Top UX on any device

High performance on any hardware

Extremely low footprint

One project – multiple platforms

Less programming effort

Real time rendering and fast prototyping

Always a step ahead

25 years of experience

No royalties – unlimited use

Embedded Wizard Supports Almost Any Platform

Embedded Wizard already supports more than 50 different embedded chipsets, along with various operating systems and can easily be adapted to your chosen environment. See supported hardware.

Download Free Edition

Learn all the steps of GUI development with Embedded Wizard and start creating your first application in less than five minutes.

A Selected List of Our Clients Who Put Their Trust in Us

Manuel Melic
- Embedded Wizard Product Manager -
Get in contact with Manuel Melic

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