Modern Automotive GUIs Engineered
with Embedded Wizard

Lean. Versatile. Scalable. Fast.

Why Embedded Wizard?

Versatility & Scalability

Design interfaces for any product and benefit from Embedded Wizard’s versatility and cross platform support

Snap-on is a manufacturer of tools and workshop solutions for professional users. Our GUI Services Team enabled Snap-on to build a flexible GUI for different platforms.

Fast & Flexible

Develop high-performance GUIs with Embedded Wizard, our technology which is optimized for almost any hardware capabilities

Porsche is a German manufacturer of luxury cars. Embedded Wizard enabled the development of a GUI with fast touch response and appealing animation effects for Porsche’s rear seat entertainment system.

Vivid Animation Effects

Create outstanding HMIs with Embedded Wizard’s versatile set of GUI elements

Chao Long Motor Parts manufactures motor parts. They designed a next-generation e-scooter dashboard with vivid animation effects and smooth transitions.

High Performance & Lean Memory Footprint

Develop lean GUIs without having to accept losses in performance

ACTIA Automotive is specialized in embedded onboard systems. They are our long-term partner since 2011 and chose Embedded Wizard due to its performance capability and lowest RAM and flash footprint.

What Our Customers Say

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GUI Services - From Idea to Product


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