Handheld Car Diagnostics Tool by Snap-on


Productname: Car Diagnostics Scan Tool APOLLO-D9™
Company: Snap-on 
Domain: Automotive
Platform: STM32
GUI developed by: Customer

The APOLLO-D9™ Scan Tool offers Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics for mechanics in a powerful handheld device. Users describe it as “one of the most user-friendly scan tools available”1 .

Snap-on is a subsidiary of Snap-on Incorporated, a global leader in hand tools, power tools, tool storage, shop equipment, diagnostics, and repair information and systems solutions for professional users. 

Simplifying the Handling

The APOLLO-D9™ car diagnostic tool from Snap-on provides technicians with a diagnostic tool that helps them “to get the job done”. Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics information is constantly updated for quick and confident repairs.

Our Contribution

The developers of Snap-on are skilled in embedded GUI development. After a kick-off training with the whole team here at our premises in Munich, they started their project back in the U.S. and Ireland. Further support during the embedded software development helped the team to speed up their product launch.

The Result

The device features a four-way thumb pad for quick navigation, a 9″ capacitive color touchscreen display, and wireless compatibility. Its fast boot-up enables technicians to start quickly with their analysis. It also offers advanced graphing features and OEM-level data, along with OEM-specific scanner coverage for more than 50 countries and over 100 vehicle systems.

Niall Murray — Product Development Manager Snap-on
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We absolutely enjoy working with the Embedded Wizard framework. The UI can now be easily integrated into our different platforms. The product realization with Embedded Wizard is straightforward, yet allowing us maximum flexibility for last-minute changes with smooth animations and high frame rates. Embedded Wizard helps us to develop comprehensible products with competitive edges for mechanics due to an efficient workflow.

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