GUI For Batec's fire extinguishing systems

Product: BA 400 Fire Control
Company: BATEC
Domain: Industrial
Platform: STM32F746
GUI developed by: TARA Systems

BATEC is a global operating company, which is specialized in the planning, installation and maintenance of highly reliable fire extinguishing systems.

The base system has been developed by BATEC together with its partner, a developer and manufacturer of complex embedded electronic products with a strong focus on miniaturization, cost optimization for their customers and just-in-time availability. For the realization of the GUI part BATEC engaged our services team in order to accelerate the development process.

The Solution

The brand-new fire extinguishing system for industrial factories – BA 400 Fire Control – is the first one of its kind to contain an embedded Graphical User Interface, which offers lots of advantages:

  • Excellent usability through intuitive touch and state-of-the-art operating concept.
  • Better understanding of the cause of occurring problems due to realtime (more) information about the system health (warnings, history).
  • Immediate availability of necessary information on the UI, so that an operator can take action quickly if needed.
  • Remote or self-diagnosis is allowed to the operator.
  • Multiple security levels for authorization: Important settings can only be  made by certain operators.
  • System is suitable for industrial purposes due to electrical and functional safety, temperature ranges and long-term availability.

The Result

The GUI was implemented in a very short time. Well pre-structured widgets and instant prototyping & simulation were of particular importance, as the GUI and  the middleware could be developed in parallel.

Furthermore, the GUI is available in multiple languages, which has been developed within a single GUI project. Whenever the current user language is switched, all dependencies are evaluated and displayed automatically.

The development has been taken over by BATEC in a handover workshop, so that they can make modifications if necessary by themselves.

Maximilian Schnitzler — Technical DirectorBATEC
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With Embedded Wizard we have chosen the best tool for our product development and are very happy with the final result. Many thanks also to the GUI services team for their efficient development support and all the fruitful inputs to improve the usability of the product.

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