Acoustic Analyzer by NTi

Product: XL3 Acoustic Analyzer
Company: NTi Audio AG
Domain: Industrial
Platform: NXP i.MX 7
GUI developed by: NTi & TARA Systems

Noise is inescapable. From an alarm clock in the morning to the daily commute and a soccer match in the evening, we’re surrounded by noise in various forms every day. Yet we don’t consciously perceive much of it until we hear something that is unpleasant or of particular importance to us.

NTi Audio, a leading manufacturer of audio and acoustic measurement solutions, are on a mission to make acoustics easy to measure in just about any environment. Supplying essential technology for manufacturing quality control, safety-critical public environments and the audio and acoustics industry worldwide, NTi Audio always endeavour to deliver the highest quality solutions for their customers

Software Solution For Cutting-Edge Technology

Based in Lichtenstein, NTi Audio are a team of passionate engineers, driven by a desire to create perfect products which leave customers 100% satisfied. For their new XL3 Acoustic Analyzer, NTi Audio wanted to set a new standard for handheld acoustic analyzers. The XL3 was to be a multi-layered solution so the team sought the services of Embedded Wizard to provide software which would be the perfect fit for the many local and remote HMI functionalities they had in mind. 

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The XL3 makes it possible to analyse noises of any size, whether enormous concert halls, busy train stations or open-plan offices. You can also monitor noise pollution sources, such as construction sites, remotely. An outstanding range of practical features makes the development of the new device a showcase across the industry for what’s possible for contemporary acoustics technology. 

NTi Audio’s XL3 handheld Acoustic Analyzer can be used on the go with ease, making the  collection of audio data for evidence-based purposes simple. 

For effective long-term surveillance, the XL3 can be attached to a stand and powered by a long-life battery for reliable measurements over time. Equipped with a SIM card the device can  even send real-time data to a server. The XL3 is accompanied by  remote control operation for simplified check-ins following alerts, including support to identify the source of sounds. 

Made by Professionals for Professionals

The Embedded Wizard GUI Services team supported NTi Audio’s engineers with training to kick things off plus full support with development including:  UX design, graphic design and implementation of all core HMI components.
With training complete, the project was handed back to NTi Audio’s engineers along with a set of GUI-related fundamentals created by our GUI Services team to ensure the software created met the Bureau of Weights and Measures’ high standards.

The Result

The finished product is a high-end hand-held device with a colour-touch display, which thanks to Embedded Wizard, now delivers a clever combination of both touch and button controls via a UX-optimized GUI. 
The XL3 also comes with its own web GL application to enable remote control. The XL3 offers a smartphone-like experience, making it an esteemed device across the industry, operating in its own class.


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Thomas Hupp — CTO NTi Audio
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At Embedded Wizard we found the technology we needed to realize all our ideas. On top of that, the GUI Services team provided incredible support with everything from UX design to implementation, creating the perfect foundation for further product development.

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