Branch Feeder Monitor™

Product: BFM II
Company: SATEC
Domain: Industrial
Platform: STM32H7

SW developed by: SATEC / Ready Group

GUI Prototype by: TARA Systems

SATEC Company specializes in research, development and manufacturing of energy management solutions.

With BFM-II SATEC introduces the second generation of Branch Feeder Monitor™, providing energy management for multi-point power solutions. The BFM-II supports power quality monitoring to identify existing and potential operation problems, such as overloading or malfunctioning due to voltage or current harmonics, or voltage sags and swell. The device can be operated via an LCD monitor, which is used to read data and configure.

The Solution

SATEC had first contact with our israelian distributor Pertech, who recommended Embedded Wizard as GUI technology. In order to accelerate the development process, SATEC (additionally) engaged our services team for the realization of a product-ready GUI prototype. This prototype was later used as a basis for further GUI developments, which has been taken over by SATEC’s partner Ready Group.

Ready Group team created a new and upgraded GUI with Embedded Wizard, which is an impressive leap forward. The advanced graphics combined with animation capabilities creates a very high level user experience.

The Result

The old User Interface has been replaced by a modern, responsive one developed with Embedded Wizard. At first, it has been ported to an existing hardware – an NXP based ARM-A9 core controller and embedded AMX operating system. Later on, it has been deployed to the complete product line, running on an STM32H7 based system. The platform migration could be done easily and fast due to the platform independence of Embedded Wizard.

Product-Ready GUI Prototype for SATEC

from Ready Group Websiteas of 17 April 2019
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Ready Group team creates a new and upgraded GUI by using advanced graphics from Embedded Wizard which is an impressive leap forward.

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