Room Sensors and Operating Units by Thermokon

Product: thanos EVO, Novos Touch & Novos 7
Company: Thermokon Sensortechnik GmbH
Domain: Industrial
Platform: STM32 (M4)
GUI developed by: Thermokon

Easy configurable, user-friendly and flexible room operating units allow users in commercial buildings such as department stores, hospitals, schools, airports or offices to command everything from indoor climate to lighting, shading, and more. Modern controls need countless settings. Indeed, it is no longer necessary to manually control each device through individual analogue settings located on each product. Today, connected devices control a range of functions with the touch of a button to adjust the personal feel-good environment in seconds.

thanos EVO Design

For over 30 years, Thermokon has consistently set new standards across the world for the manufacture of sophisticated sensors and well-designed room operating units. Quality based on “made in Germany” resulting in a 5-year warranty, German engineering, efficiency, unrivaled innovation, and a passion to always meet customer’s needs makes Thermokon a leading company in building automation. In 2018 Thermokon started the design of a new family of room operating panels with the vision of a GUI, that provides customers with an intuitive, convenient, and highly responsive user interface.

For efficiency reasons, Thermokon wanted to develop a GUI that shall become the sole standard for a whole family of similar products – ensuring all products offer the same style of GUI and user experience. The interface shall be simple, latency-free and responsive, and easy to develop across the family of room operating panels. An intuitive and adaptive design which can be used by any first-time user. Thanks to Embedded Wizard, within a few weeks – instead of months – Thermokon developed a user interface that today is used for their many room operating panels.


Thermokon’s user-friendly GUI of NOVOS 7 and NOVOS Touch room operating panels, as well as the GUI of thanos EVO and thanos EVO Design, make use of Embedded Wizard. All of those devices provide their users with a wide range of digital settings and operating functions and sensors like air quality and humidity sensors, temperature settings and fan control, light and blind control, as well as scene calls. Embedded Wizard’s reliable and responsive user interface proved to be a key component for the performance and user acceptance of the new room operating panel family NOVOS and thanos EVO. 

The Embedded Wizard training course by GUI Services was the perfect kickstart, enabling Thermokon’s developers to quickly create the GUI that perfectly suits the customers’ needs. Consequently, plans have been put in place for the additional models of the thanos EVO series. We are excited to see how Thermokon will continue to develop its product’s user interface with the Embedded Wizard technology.

Frank Neudecker — CTO Thermokon Sensortechnik GmbH
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"We were looking for an optimal solution because flexibility and variable deployment are essential for us, particularly for our commitment to ongoing product improvement. Embedded Wizard provided the intuitive, reliable GUI we needed to connect our customers to our products. It has proven to be the versatile, multi-layered software we trust and saved us months in the development. We certainly would decide again for Embedded Wizard."

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