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GUI for Combined Oven​

gui panasonic combined oven

The Project Goal

“[…] The goal of the project was to build a new user interface from the ground up that could provide the specific functionality needed for the oven, and also match seamlessly with the other products in terms of graphical and audible performance.”

“So Panasonic Manufacturing UK, led by Marc Andriola of the Home Appliance Software Development Group, searched for a local partner to support their software needs. After running an extensive selection process Panasonic Manufacturing UK chose Embed. This was due to Embed’s technical expertise and passion for working in an efficient model based development process.”

The Solution

Embed chose Embedded Wizard to develop the graphics. A good mix of functionality, price and embedded code footprint. The graphics were developed in the tool and an initial Windows based simulation was created. This helped communicate the design and get sign-off for the GUI early; again reducing long and expensive design loops at the back end of the project. With the GUI agreed the embedded code was generated from Embedded Wizard and integrated with the control logic and device drivers.”

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Ivan Wilson — Company DirectorEmbed Ltd.
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Embedded Wizard is a great tool. The ease of use, speed of development and good costing model is ideal for us. Plus we took advantage of the training to kick-start our project and hit the ground running. Since then we have developed a complete GUI framework architecture around Embedded Wizard. This accelerates all our future projects and increases quality.

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