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With 25 years of experience in embedded GUI development, we guarantee your success. GUI development has its own very particular challenges and requires in-depth knowledge and understanding. The Embedded Wizard team shares with you their expertise of one of the most advanced tools of its kind.

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Our Embedded Wizard team will support you throughout your entire development cycle – according to your specific needs. The experts behind Embedded Wizard are UI developers with many years’ experience under their belts, and as such we offer you a range of specialized services.


Architecture Training

Prototype Development

Framework Development

Application Development

Custom Widget

Platform Integration

Technical Support

Test Framework

Performance Optimization

Code Review

Development Process


Embedded Wizard Workshop

Day one focuses on becoming familiar with Embedded Wizard Studio and includes structured learning about all the benefits of the tool. You get useful hints and practical advice in hands-on training sessions. The second day covers specific design and project requirements. We base our training on a customer-specific GUI project and give recommendations while implementing certain aspects of the customer’s GUI on the fly.
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Architecture Training

To guarantee a lean and easily maintainable software project, it is necessary to follow a few architectural principles: encapsulated GUI objects for future usage, synchronous vs. asynchronous approach, event-driven architectures, usage of software patterns such as MVC and MVVM. We help you to find the best setup for your GUI project.


Prototype Development​

You have a UI design idea – but first need a prototype up and running in order to produce a proof of concept or demonstrate your ideas to a range of stakeholders? Our specialists create this prototype for you: You get the Embedded Wizard project as source code, including an adaptation layer to embed your calls to your own API. In addition to this, we provide you with the application code for your target hardware.

You can run the prototype either within Embedded Wizard or on a platform which is already supported by Embedded Wizard. Typically, we realize a prototype with +/- 5 screens within two weeks.
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Framework Development

We create a robust and flexible framework for your GUI application, tailored directly to your requirements. This framework includes your desired GUI elements, the mechanics needed for your application, and a stubbed adaptation layer to your underlying middleware. Then we pass the framework to your GUI development team within a handover workshop. This will shorten the learning curve and reduce your required in-house project time.

Application Development​

You need a ready-to-use GUI for your product, but do not want to involve your own engineering team?
We undertake the entire planning, implementation, and maintenance of your GUI. When it comes to the creation of the GUI design, you can decide if you want to create it yourself or if you prefer us to cover this with our partner design agencies.

Custom Widgets

Your design contains a non-standard element, which is hard to implement for you? You need a corporate design and behavior for all of your GUIs? We create custom widgets for you, based on your ideas. These widgets are optimized according to your requirements and can be re-used within all of your Embedded Wizard projects.


Platform Integration & Porting​

Although porting of Embedded Wizard is a straightforward process, every customer’s platform is individual and as a result every port is unique. With our Platform Integration and Porting services we do the bring-up, port, and verification of Embedded Wizard on your individual hardware so that you can start creating a GUI right away.

Technical Support​

A well-structured and profound documentation does not automatically ensure that your dedicated problem can be solved easily. Hence asking experts for their advice is key for your GUI project. Of course all of our support team members are experienced Embedded Wizard experts and are pleased to help you.

Test Framework

The Embedded Wizard Test Framework allows implementation and execution of automated unit, integration, regression, and acceptance tests. The tests can be done directly within Embedded Wizard Studio or as a Win32 Application, which can also be added to automated test systems, for example Jenkins. The framework supports a set of useful features such as screenshot comparison with delta images and recording and playback of user interaction sequences for fast test implementation.
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Performance Optimization​

We help you to get the most out of your embedded platform by optimizing your code and taking advantage of all the performance-related features of Embedded Wizard.

Code Review

We review your GUI source code and give you recommendations – from conception through to realization – for getting the best performance out of the whole range of dedicated functionalities of Embedded Wizard, such as Observer Pattern, Variant Usage, Animations, and so on.

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