"At TARA Systems, we found the perfect technology and incredible support from the GUI Services team to bring our ideas to life. They provided everything from UX design to implementation, laying a solid foundation for future product development."

Thomas Hupp, CTO at NTi Audio
"The cooperation throughout was excellent, with a highly professional and well-organized team. We would gladly work with them again in the future."

Sven Zehnder, Head of Product Management at KLS Martin
"Early on, we recognized that the GUI Services team would adeptly bring our envisioned embedded HMI to fruition, seamlessly integrating it with our brand-new lightning system. Our collaboration was smooth and the outcome is truly remarkable."

Robert Turner, Brand Manager at Rotolight
"TARA Systems proved to be a highly professional partner for product innovation, combining UX and implementation seamlessly. Their eye-opening UX process enhanced menu navigation, demonstrating their expertise in achieving effective usability on resource-constrained embedded systems."

Markus Sailer, Head of BAYROL Technik

GUI Services for Embedded Wizard

From Idea to Product

How can we help you with your GUI project?

Level up the user-friendliness of your UI

Enhance your GUI skills

Check your project feasibility

Speed up your GUI development

Optimize the performance 

Go for a SW architecture check-up

Enhance the quality of your code

Benefit from automated testing

More Services

These pre-determined software templates are designed to reduce development efforts, save valuable time, and cut costs. You gain access to maintained and adjustable code, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in your project. These modules enable a quick start to your development journey. Benefit from the best practices of our GUI professionals, empowering you to create outstanding user interfaces effortlessly. Details »

An essential non-standard element is hard to implement for you? Or do you require a unified corporate design and behavior for all of your GUIs? Let us create custom widgets for you. Your optimized Widgets will be re-used within all of your Embedded Wizard projects. Contact us »

We create a robust and flexible framework tailored for your GUI application. A framework includes your desired GUI elements, the mechanics needed for your application, and a stubbed adaptation layer to your middleware. Then we pass the framework to your GUI development team. You can speed up your projected time and enhance your learning curve. Contact us »

Well-structured and profound documentation is key – but does not automatically ensure that a problem can easily be solved. Our support team consists of experienced Embedded Wizard experts, and they are always pleased to help you out. Details »

Although the porting of Embedded Wizard is a straightforward process, every platform is individual and, as a result, every port is unique. With our Platform Integration and Porting services, we take care of the quick start of your UI development and port it directly to your custom hardware. Details »

From Idea to Product

No matter where you are in a creative endeavor, we are dedicated to simplifying your journey to the market.
Our team of skilled experts offers personalized, one-on-one collaboration to craft a tailored solution that
aligns perfectly with your product vision.
More than that, we are committed to bringing your embedded GUI approach to life.


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Our Contribution to Successful Products

Time to Market Acceleration

Speed up your GUI development with our GUI development services

HMP is a test equipment manufacturer. Our GUI Services Team supported them with a lean software architecture for their GUI.

From UX Design to Training and Implementation

Get advice from our GUI experts and develop state-of-the-art GUIs that meet the latest UX standards

NTi Audio offers audio and acoustics measurement solutions. Our GUI experts supported their engineers with training and development. 

GUI Improvements and Product Updates

Our GUI experts support you with a high-performing interface that perfectly caters to the needs of your market

Metz Classic manufactures TV devices. They have benefited from sustainable software concepts, building blocks, and UX improvements.

Ready-to-use Embedded GUI

Benefit from highly effective usability even on resource-constrained embedded systems

Bayrol is active in the field of water care. Our GUI experts supported them in developing an intuitive user interface according to the latest UX design standards.

We Know Your Industry

Millions of devices and applications from various industries rely on Embedded Wizard. Our GUI Services team supports customers in developing their GUI by leveraging their expertise and experience to deliver a seamless and user-friendly interface that meets the specific needs and requirements of each customer and across industries. Discover how we can help you get your GUI project jumpstarted.

Why Work With Us

With 25 years of experience in embedded GUI development, we guarantee your success. GUI development has its own very particular challenges and requires in-depth knowledge and understanding. The Embedded Wizard team shares their expertise of one of the most advanced tools of its kind.

The professionals of Embedded Wizard GUI Services are highly experienced in embedded systems. We are the perfect partner supporting you with individual training, architecture, and UX design, scalable up to full GUI development – to shorten your time-to-market and contribute to a great product.

Transparency to the customer

Quick response time

Continuous attention to technical excellence and good software design

Ensure high quality – do automated testing

Individual responsibility and clearly defined roles

User centric approach

Usage of agile processes (based on Scrum, SAFe)

Continuous improvement

Rudolf LeberfingerHead of GUI Services
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Our mission is to help our customers realize meaningful products using our Embedded Wizard technology in the most efficient way. Therefore, we strive to be a reliable partner from training to the complete implementation of a UI application.

Customers Who Put Their Trust In Us

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UX Design

User Experience (UX) holds the key to creating a GUI that resonates with your users. It enhances acceptance, streamlines interactions, and effectively highlights crucial information within your system. Our experience in the field equips us with insights and best practices that can significantly enhance the overall user experience, leading to higher user satisfaction and increased product success.


With the excellent and very comprehensive documentation of Embedded Wizard you can become an expert in self-study.
In addition, we offer personal trainings to get the concepts and possibilities across to our customers faster. By learning from experts, we make it easier to get started with graphical user interface development and create the perfect starting point for your own project.

Proof of Concept

A proof of concept (PoC) plays a vital role in ensuring the success of your GUI project. It allows you to validate ideas and test the feasibility of implementing a graphical user interface. By creating a working prototype, the PoC helps identify potential challenges and technical issues early on, saving valuable time and resources in the long run. With the expertise of our GUI Services team, you receive comprehensive support, resulting in a successful PoC and a solid foundation for your GUI project.

GUI Development

Got a vision for a new GUI but not sure how to make it a reality? Our experienced GUI engineers can help! With years of experience implementing GUI applications for diverse products, we’ll structure the development process, create roadmaps, timelines, and feature epochs using an agile approach. Whether you need full GUI development or help with specific parts, we’re here for you. We guarantee a seamless handover of the project to your engineers once they’re ready or have the necessary skills, ensuring a strong foundation for them to build upon.

Performance Optimization

Our team is well equipped to help you optimize the performance of your GUI. Thanks to our extensive understanding of GUI development and our experience with performance optimization techniques based on different hardware realities, we can identify and address potential bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Through thorough analysis and testing, we evaluate GUI responsiveness, load times, and resource utilization to identify areas for improvement.

Architecture Training

To guarantee a lean and easily maintainable software project, it is necessary to follow a few architectural principles: encapsulated GUI objects for future usage, synchronous vs. asynchronous approach, event-driven architectures, and so on. We help you to find the best setup for your GUI project.

Code Review

Leveraging our expertise, we can significantly enhance the quality of your GUI code. Our team of experts thoroughly reviews your codebase, identifying areas for improvement and implementing best practices. With our assistance, you can be confident that your code will be of the highest quality, resulting in improved efficiency, reduced bugs, and a solid foundation for future enhancements.

Test Framework

The Test Framework enables the implementation and execution of various GUI tests, including Regression, Integration, Acceptance, and Automated Unit Tests. Regularly testing your GUI allows for the early detection of issues or inconsistencies in the development process, enabling prompt action and resolution. By utilizing the Test Framework, you can ensure the reliability and quality of your GUI, even in the absence of the complete system setup, leading to a smoother and more efficient development process.