Further Handling & Prices

In case you require updates, upgrades or extended technical support, the following pricing will apply.

Hassle-free Renewal Update

  • Option to purchase Hassle-free Renewal license for each licensed component (Studio and Platform Package)
  • Only available for Professional Edition; needs to be purchased with the initial purchase of new or renewal items
  • Based on a 10% yearly rate of the standard license fee, paid upfront
  • Valid for 3 years; no cancellation necessary, no auto-renewal, but option to buy next Hassle-free Renewal Package
  • Every update of a Studio license includes 1h support per year, valid for 12 month

On-demand Renewal Update

On-demand renewal license for each licensed component (Studio and Platform Package), available for Small Business Edition and Professional Edition

  • The renewal license fee is graduated, depending on the time after the expiration of a previous update period, based on the actual standard license fee
    • < 12 months: 20%
    • < 24 months: 40%
    • < 36 months: 60%
    • >= 36 months: 80%
  • Professional Edition: Includes further updates free of charge for the next 12 months, Small Business Edition: Includes no further updates (only current version)
  • Every update of a Studio license includes 1h support per year, valid for 12 months

Upgrade From Small Business to Professional Edition

80% of the Small Business Edition license fee is deducted from the Professional Edition license fee, e.g.:

  • Total (Level 1): 5000* EUR + 2400* EUR – 80% (EUR 2392) of Small Business Edition = 5008 EUR*
  • Includes latest version of Professional Edition at no extra cost

Additional Technical Support

  • Additional technical support is available in blocks of 8 hours at a fee of 880* EUR, valid for 12 months after purchasing
  • Can be purchased for both Small Business as well as Professional Edition


Embedded Wizard Port & Verification

To your custom hardware

  •  Prerequisites:
    • Ready-2-use custom hardware incl. power supply @TARA premises
    • In-circuit debugger/programmer incl. necessary adapters
    • Schematics and hardware documentation
    • Tested peripheral drivers to use e.g. SDRAM, UART, LCD display controller, touch controller, etc.
  • offered as a pre-paid support contingent
  • For the whole port, verification and deployment process usually 5 staff days are foreseen
  • Deliverables:
    • Adapted Embedded Wizard Build Environment as source (reference code)
    • Embedded Wizard Platform Package according to license
    • Example GUI (e.g. ScreenOrientation Demo) as source
    • Template project as source
  • Realization period: Usually 4 weeks after prerequisites are fulfilled (needs to be negotiated with the customer in advance)

Pricing: ~€ 4400*

*All prices are net prices exclusive taxes, fees and shipping costs

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