UX Design

The best and most successful products embody seamless, meaningful, and relevant user experiences. The quality of the user experience (UX) is one of the decisive factors for a consumer to choose between products, especially when they offer a similar feature set.

Why is a UX Process Important?

We experience that the chosen target device is often resource-constraint, meaning hardware costs have to be kept at a minimum. At the same time, today’s consumers ask for smartphone-like high responsive user interfaces: full-colored multi-touch display with high-speed interactions and high-resolution graphics in a sophisticated design. To realize these requirements in the form of a great UX it is always a challenge to find the best trade-off between a good information architecture, the use of well-known intuitive interaction patterns, and an adequate visual design based on available system resources.

What will we do during the UX Process?

We start with the analysis phase followed by concept, design, prototyping and implementation. During all these phases we use short feedback loops (evaluations) to crosscheck the outcomes with 1) the users and 2) the possibilities given by the selected target platform (i.e., if the designed interaction patterns work and if complex design elements like shadows and animations help to optimize the UX).

The Embedded Wizard technology enables us to minimize CPU load in order to accomplish these requirements and to provide a great UX.

Our strength lies in the technology part – which includes a reasonable and agile UX process.

Furthermore, we will support you with the user interface (UI) design with our internal resources. For large scale UX design projects exceeding our resources, we are easily able to involve our valuable network of proven external UI design partners to ensure the best possible visual appearance in combination with a great UX.

Top-Down or Bottom-Up?

Innovators within a company are literally settled on every level, independent of company size. GUI Services is the supportive factor to streamline product and UX design targets.

You did not take a deeper look into your usability or UX design so far? Or do you already have a CI-conform ready-designed mock-up of your application? Either way, we guarantee your success to realize a top-notch UX for your products within the embedded GUI.

The Development Cycle

Our agile UX process aggregates available data and input (e.g., insights from user visits, personas, or a preliminary set of wireframes) and iterates these in the different phases. Additionally, further UX design approaches are applied in order to optimize and finalize the outcomes of each phase and continue with the UX process. This process ensures to provide the best possible UX even on resource-constraint target devices when applying it in combination with Embedded Wizard.
  • User Visits
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Research
  • User Requirements  
  • Personas
  • Use Cases
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Information
  • Architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Style Guide
  • Iconography
  • Mockups
  • Click Dummy
  • Animation Study
  • Color Check
  • Production
  • Components
  • Design System
  • Questionnaire
  • Expert Studies
  • User Studies
  • Product Validation
  • Acceptance Tracking
  • User Feedback
  • Recommendations
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