Modern Medical GUIs Engineered
with Embedded Wizard

Lean. Versatile. Scalable. Fast.

Why Embedded Wizard?

Less Development and Maintenance Efforts

Create reusable templates and benefit from easy localization possibilities for your GUI

FONA is a global dental equipment company. Thanks to Embedded Wizard the multilingual GUI of their product can easily be maintained and enhanced in the shortest time.


Certification of Medical Products

Develop medical GUIs with Embedded Wizard that meet relevant certification criteria

KaVo Dental is one of the leading suppliers of products for dentists and dental technicians. Our GUI Services Team supported and trained KaVo to develop an intuitive and easy-to-use GUI.

Lean Memory Footprint and Reliability

Design reliable and lean interfaces even on ressource-constraint platforms 

KLS Martin develops surgical products. With Embedded Wizard they could integrate a very reliable and mature technology into the control panel of their surgical light.

gui kls martin

What Our Customers Say

Your Key Benefits

GUI Services - From Idea to Product


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