Modern Home Appliance GUIs Engineered
with Embedded Wizard

Lean. Versatile. Scalable. Fast.

Why Embedded Wizard?

Ready-2-Use Without External Dependencies

Create GUIs tailored exactly to your needs with the Embedded Wizard Studio (WYSIWYG Editor) without any further third party or open source dependencies

Kenwood manufactures kitchen machines and food processors. The comfortable IDE (with drag and drop) and visual programming model make it easy for Kenwood to develop high quality GUIs.

Kenwood Cooking Chef XL

High Performance & Lean Memory Footprint

Develop lean GUIs without having to accept losses in performance

Embed UK develops embedded GUIs. For their client Panasonic they chose Embedded Wizard due to the perfect mix of functionality, price and embedded code footprint.

Versatility & Scalability

Design interfaces for any product and benefit from Embedded Wizard’s flexibility and cross platform support

Bosch Thermotechnik builds household heating systems. Embedded Wizard’s flexible architecture easily allows them to adapt the appearance and functionality of the developed GUI to multiple products.

hmi gui bosch thermotechnik ivt geo 500

Time to Market Acceleration

Speed up your GUI development with our optional GUI development services

Bayrol is active in the field of water care. Our GUI experts supported them in developing an intuitive user interface according to the latest UX design standards.

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