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Electrolyzer for Superior Pool Water Quality


Productname: Automatic Salt
Company: BAYROL Technik
Domain: Home Appliances
Platform: STM32
GUI developed by: TARA Systems 

“When you have to check and maintain an appliance only twice a year, it is crucial – and a must-do for our product – that you can operate it without reading an incredibly long technical manual! This is our aspiration for the next generation of ‘Automatic Salt’.”

Simplifying the Handling

With this clear vision for the update of BAYROL’s automatic dosing system, our embedded GUI experts started. During an integrated UX design and development process, BAYROL and its technical partners created the ‘Automatic Salt’ which is an electrolyzer that presents a massive simplification in maintaining saltwater pools.

The product itself is an easy-to-install electrolyzing appliance with continuous measurement and control of pH and disinfectant that leaves a person maintaining a pool literally jobless. Chemical additives can be reduced to a minimum thanks to this intelligent control unit that is ensuring superior water quality automatically.

Our Contribution and Outcome

The now intuitively operated user interface allows the simplest operation of the whole system – from the first installation to its routine use. Although the need to use is now limited to a periodical check-up.

The UX design and development process was the core of the project and resulted in a menu navigation that is as intuitive as a mobile phone today.

The comfortable and waterproof 4.3″ touch display, a USB interface for updates, tool-free electrical connections with connectors, and more details guarantee complete and automatic water maintenance. For each maintenance step like sensor calibrations or changing parts, a guided process simplifies the device’s operation so that also untrained users can master this hassle-free.

Fully automatic controlled water quality improves the user’s saltwater pool experience, especially because its operator gains insights into what the system is doing at all times.


Founded already in 1927, BAYROL is nowadays seen as the forerunner in pool water care. Their experience, research, and development form the basis of the premium quality products, which step in for easiest and highly efficient water care at best usability.

Markus Sailer — Head of BAYROL Technik BAYROL
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We appreciate very much the fact that for our product innovation supported by TARA Systems both UX and implementation were coming from one source. Their UX process was eye-opening for the improvement of the menu navigation. Concluding, with TARA Systems we found a highly professional partner in the field of user interfaces, who understands to achieve highly effective usability even on resource-constraint embedded systems.

In this video (German) you will see how a remote access to Automatic Salt can be set up thanks to the developed Progressive Web App, that looks exactly like the GUI itself.

If you want to learn more about Progressive Web Apps please check out our Best Practice paper.


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