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GUI Development for Action Cameras with Embedded Wizard​


Using our GUI technology and expertise, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of action cameras has recently unveiled a top product, which is one of the best available on the market.

The Challenge

It is challenging to implement a GUI that follows the specifications of UX designers on embedded systems. Always. And especially so if these requirements are defined by a world leading manufacturer of action cameras. The top 5 challenges were:

  • a GUI processing touch and hard-button events in parallel
  • a GUI showing up on various displays simultaneously, each specified with different screen sizes and color formats
  • a GUI dealing with the low-power states of battery-powered cameras
  • a GUI reacting fast with smooth animations on a SoC without any built-in graphics acceleration
  • a GUI that copes with internationalization and localization as the camera is sold worldwide

The Solution

Impossible? Possible! Embedded Wizard has an answer to every one of these challenges. And together with our GUI services, a full package of professional embedded GUI development is provided. This is the main reason why our client decided to use our technology and services several years ago.

With Embedded Wizard one can control multiple displays with multiple input methods within a single project. This means that GUIs for different displays are handled just like a single GUI application – of course fully synchronized. As this feature is based on Embedded Wizard’s core functionality, it is also ensured that maintaining a variety of product derivations is efficient, which saves a lot of engineering time.

In addition to the usage of our technology, our client was able to benefit from our service offer: Defining a robust software architecture and an efficient implementation is crucial, especially when it comes to developing state-of-the-art GUIs in motion design. Our customer values our technical competence and relied on our consultancy services.

For example the GUI services team supported the client with framework implementations, motion design prototypes for the target, code review cycles, and automating the GUI tests. We also offered on-site support to train the in-house developers.

The Result

The combination of our client’s great in-house UX design, our technology and our expertise made it possible to release a top-brand action camera: It is definitely one of the best of its kind.

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