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Smart Cooking - Premium Kitchen Machines by KENWOOD

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Product: Kenwood Cooking Chef XL, Kenwood Chef XL Pattisier, Kenwood Cookeasy +
Company: De’Longhi Group
Domain: Home Appliances
Platform: STM32
GUI developed by: De’Longhi Group

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Smart home on the rise

Smart home does not stop at the kitchen. Consumers increasingly expect kitchens and kitchen appliances to be smart to make their daily lives easier. Market researchers predict that the smart kitchen appliances market will reach a global market size of more than 8 billion USD in 2024.
Kenwood has identified this trend and is continuously adapting their products to the needs of their customers. For more than 70 years, the British brand Kenwood has been on the market and is now Europe’s most popular manufacturer of kitchen machines. Since 2001 Kenwood is part of the internationally active De’Longhi Group, which specializes in small domestic appliances.

It’s all about the experience

Kenwood was originally founded to let home chefs achieve even better results in the kitchen and simplify their cooking and baking experience. Following this approach, Kenwood keeps developing premium kitchen appliances that are not only feature-rich and versatile but also meet the most modern standards through built-in displays, app connectivity or customization possibilities.
Embedded Wizard is used in three of their kitchen machines; the Kenwood Cooking Chef XL, the Kenwood Chef Pattisier XL and the Kenwood Cookeasy +. Each of them comes with a wide repertoire of functionalities to support home chefs in preparing delicious recipes.


Design matters 

All of the three above-mentioned products have received the Red Dot Design Award, which is a reflection of the high quality that Kenwood pursues with their design approach.

Kenwood x Embedded Wizard

Part of the design is the integrated display, which can be operated by touch. The display allows the users to operate the kitchen machine. They can set a timer, bowl tool speed and cooking temperature, measure ingredients weight, select presets; only to name a few features.
Kenwood was looking for a GUI solution that was scalable and could be used for an entire product range, which is why they chose Embedded Wizard for the graphical user interfaces of their products. Our technology supports Kenwood in creating intuitive and versatile GUIs. Thanks to the rich set of available features even more complex visual requirements are no problem. On the Cook Chef XL, for example, the GUI rotates as soon as the machine is opened. This means that the users can still read all the information on the screen without any difficulties, as the GUI remains horizontal even though the angle of the display changes.


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David Gamble — Electronics Manager KENWOOD
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We are pleased to have chosen Embedded Wizard for our GUI development. Due to the countless possibilities and features which Embedded Wizard offers, we are able to design GUIs that meet our high standards for user experience quickly and efficiently. The Embedded Wizard team has always given us great support for exploring new requirements.

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