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Pioneer DJ - Streamlined DJ Experience

Product: Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7
Company: AlphaTheta 
Domain: Consumer Electronics
Platform: NXP i.MX RT1050
GUI developed by: Pioneer DJ

Picture the scene: Bright lights illuminate the stage, casting rays of excitement on a moving crowd. The air pulses with the rhythm of the music, each beat a collective heartbeat that echoes through the room. The dancers move, presenting a wave of passion and energy. This is not just a standard scene from a club, but a pulsating, living moment; an electrifying connection between the DJ, the music and the audience, unleashing a powerful synergy that keeps rising – until they are released by the bass beat…

This is where Pioneer DJ, together with TARA Systems’ Embedded Wizard, sets a new benchmark for the DJ experience: the revolutionary Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7! In the world of professional DJ equipment, Pioneer DJ is a name that stands for innovation, quality, and unparalleled performance. To deliver an exceptional user experience to DJ artists worldwide, the market leader Pioneer DJ decided to go for Embedded Wizard GUI software in their development of the Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7! The result? A resounding success that revolutionizes the DJ experience.

Firmware Design Department — AlphaTheta CorporationPIONEER DJ
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The highlights of the DDJ-REV7 are the two motorized jog wheels to create an original haptic connection between DJ, music and sound! We chose Embedded Wizard to design the UIs for the jog displays because of their unmatched ability to create visually stunning and especially high-performance UIs. The seamless integration of Embedded Wizard's software with our hardware has allowed us to generate a new user experience that truly enhances the DJ's creative potential, connecting the artist with its music, delivering a powerful experience to its audience.

A Seamless Development meets User Experience: 

Two 3.5-inch displays show important information through the UI developed with Embedded Wizard. The displays are centered in each jog wheel. That way, the DJ’s gaze doesn’t have to switch constantly between the decks and his laptop. He can view important information like BPM (beats per minute), playback speed, time remaining or elapsed on the two displays. Thanks to an omnidirectional viewing angle, the information can be read from any angle. This allows a great user experience without annoying switching times for the DJ.

The audio waveform display is another highlight. It is essential for DJs because it offers more than just visual appeal. The waveform allows DJs to accurately understand the music they’re working on and identify sections like intros, verses, choruses, and outros. This representation helps DJs anticipate changes and seamlessly mix audio tracks to maintain an uninterrupted flow of energy on the dance floor.

The waveform display acts as a compass to help DJs navigate the nuances of a track. By analyzing the shape and structure of the waveform, DJs can quickly identify important elements such as breakdowns, drops and transitions, and highlight key spots thanks to the special markers. With this visual tool, DJs become master manipulators, effortlessly controlling the energy and emotions of the audience. Thanks to Embedded Wizard’s versatility in implementing the waveform GUI representation of the two displays, there are no limits to the Djs’ imagination and creativity.

Embedded Wizard proved its remarkable performance with the help of a highly successful Proof of Concept – leaving no doubt about its capabilities. With its technology, vast quantities of data can be effortlessly displayed on the compact embedded screen, which can also be easily zoomed in and out for enhanced visibility. DJs need to rely on the precise synchronization between audio and visuals on the shown waveform display, guaranteeing flawless beat drops and unforgettable music experiences.

Creativity at its best – when Design meets Music


The superior design of the Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7 has attracted the attention of experts and users alike, ultimately winning the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. Thanks to the advanced features of the Embedded Wizard software and Pioneer DJ’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of DJ equipment design, the DDJ-REV7 has achieved a seamless fusion of form and function, delivering an unforgettable DJ experience that strikes a perfect balance between aesthetics, functionality and user experience.


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