Light Weight Deflectometer by HMP

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Productname: LFGpro
Company: Magdeburger Prüfgerätebau GmbH
Domain: Industrial
Platform: PIC32MZ-DA
GUI developed by: TARA Systems 

The Magdeburg based test equipment manufacturer HMP is characterized by many years of expertise in the field of test equipment for road and civil engineering or railroad construction.  Since 1991, their equipment has supported a wide variety of companies in new and further development of testing technologies in more than 120 countries worldwide.

The Product 

One of HMPs premium models is The Light Weight Deflectometer HMP LFGpro. This device enables the precise measurement of various data from soil analysis in different environmental conditions. The instrument consists of a drop weight device and the associated handheld device. By triggering the drop weight, pressure waves are generated at the point of impact, which enable the precise measurements of the soil density. The measurements are then quickly displayed on the handheld display in clear graphs.

It is used on a wide variety of construction sites, which are, among other factors, determined by wind and weather conditions. Due to its practical design, it also enables measurements to be taken in places that are difficult to access. Clear and intuitive operation and reliable performance at all times lead to cost reductions and are therefore extremely important. HMP accordingly equips its LFGpro with certain features that enable reliable documentation of the measurement results directly on the construction site. Besides the Light Weight Deflectometer, the measuring device is therefore a crucial component. 

Our Contribution

By analyzing the existing software architecture and the real-time requirements of the measurement processes, we were able to re-implement HMP’s GUI design using Embedded Wizard technology. Thanks to the chosen lean architecture, a smooth operation of the GUI is guaranteed. Now the practical, user-oriented GUI guidance, settings, measurement data and other measurements can now be accessed at any time without interruption.

The Result

The LFGpro is now based on a forward-looking technology that allows easy changes and even a good simulation of the entire user interface. On this basis, the next product development is already planned in cooperation with HMP and our GUI Services team.

Gunnar Hennings — Managing Director HMP
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"In this cooperation, it was important for us that our partner understood the requirements for our equipment and the needs of our customers in their various industries. The expert support has been there for us at all times. With TARA, we have experienced a cooperative and supportive relationship due to which our customers can rely on a seamless measurement process."

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