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HMI for Household Heating
System - IVT GEO 500

bosch thermotechnik ivt geo 500 GUI HMI

Product: IVT GEO 500
Company: Bosch Thermotechnik
Domain: Home Appliance
Platform: STM32F769
GUI developed by: TARA Systems

“Easier than ever before” – IVT, a Bosch Thermotechnik brand, achieved this goal with the new generation of the IVT Geo 500 heat pump. After all, today’s heating technology should integrate into the modern home and be as self-explanatory and simple to operate as possible. This can be achieved not only with a common app control, but also with a reliable and always available control via the built-in display.

bosch thermotechnik ivt geo 500 gui hmi bath

The Solution

Bosch Thermotechnik has decided to work with TARA Systems in order to ensure the best possible, easy-to-use and smooth user interface on the embedded platform selected by Bosch. Already in the pre-project phase, we were able to support the feasibility of the style guide specifications on a selection of various microcontrollers by creating a GUI prototype with Embedded Wizard.

Together with the Bosch team, we developed the GUI in an agile process parallel to the control software. The numerous functions of the heat pump are made accessible via the HMI control unit in a very convenient way. Settings such as heating curves, vacation mode or even commissioning can be made easily. Right from the start, we put great value on a flexible and well-structured software architecture, which now allows us to realise various skins and variants for multiple products and brands from a single Embedded Wizard project. This way, the appearance and functionality of the GUI can be adapted to other brands in the shortest possible time and new products can be brought to market faster.

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