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GUI for Rotolight Titan™ X2


Product: Rotolight Titan™ X2
Company: Rotolight Group Ltd.
Domain: Consumer Electronics
Platform: STM32
GUI developed by: TARA Systems 

The Rotolight Titan, developed by the Rotolight Group at Pinewood film studios in UK, is a headlight for cinematic lighting. A revolution in lighting control, the Titan™ X2 has been globally praised for its industry-first SmartSoft™ technology, which allows users to electronically adjust the light’s diffusion, focus and spread. By a film lightning professional, its usage is described as “a quantum leap ahead of anything else I’ve seen” for the way it saves both time and money on set. The “well-built […] high-tech kit” offers features at a perfect price – that none of its rivals offer at any price1.

Rotolight planned on a first-time sophisticated HMI on an embedded system. The idea of the final product combined with a tight deadline, they decided to work with our GUI Services team.

Our Iterative Way
to the
Final Embedded UI

The innovative user interface, a perfect symbiosis of controlling via touch and haptic rotatory knobs, allows intuitive control directly on the lights. This brings a smile on the face of each lighting assistant. Rotolight allowed the GUI Services team to realize this part and got a highly sophisticated GUI solution within an ambitious schedule.

Rotolight planned on a first-time sophisticated HMI on an embedded system. With the idea of the final product combined with a tight deadline, they cooperated with our GUI Services team.

Based on Rotolights’ design our GUI Services provided a complete structure for the final GUI, including a complete simulation for the extended SmartSoft™ buttons. Thanks to our agile development method, new features were added and the usability was continuously improved until the delivery. This is necessary to realize just-in-time products with high innovation character. The product is marketed and sold worldwide.

Robert Turner — Graphic Designer & Brand ManagerRotolight Group
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We realized soon that the GUI Services team will find the best possible way to bring the planned embedded HMI to life within our brand-new lightning system. Our cooperation was frictionless and the result is stunning.

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