GUI for Urban VitalControl

Urban VitalControl GUI Embedded Wizard

Product: VitalControl
Company: Urban GmbH & Co. KG
Domain: Agricultural
Platform: STM32L4
GUI developed by: TARA Systems

Since 1984, Urban equipment has been making farmers’ work easier, ensuring that animals stay healthy and vital and that diseases are detected early on. Body temperature is an important health indicator for calves. So far, the measured temperature data mostly had to be recorded manually. With their new mobile device, Urban intends to bring about a change. The device measures, records and evaluates body temperature and transmits it to a central evaluation system.

The Solution

Urban was facing several challenges: from housing construction, hardware selection, sensor technology, data processing to the development of an embedded GUI, which was a relatively new field for Urban. It quickly became clear that Urban had to bring experts on board in order to get a good product to market. And so, together with other project partners, we became part of this great project. Our support consisted of developing the GUI with our Embedded Wizard tool.

In a constant dialogue and an agile process, we were able to overcome all the challenges together with other project partners. The clinical thermometer – Urban VitalControl – was introduced to the world in 2018.


The mobile battery-operated clinical thermometer for calves combines many functions:
Eurotier 2018 award Urban VitalControl

VitalControl optimally supports farmers in their routine tasks and helps make sure that animals stay healthy.

For this innovation, Urban VitalControl was awarded the Innovation Award of the EuroTier 2018 in silver by the DLG. We congratulate Urban and look forward to further exciting joint projects.

Dr. Andreas Deininger — Product ManagerUrban GmbH & Co. KG
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None of this would have been possible without a wonderful development team where everyone made their contribution in the right place or without the great cooperation with the other project partners. Without exception, everyone did a very good job and showed enormous commitment when it came to finding solutions (which was not always easy at one point or another). Many thanks again for that! I am looking forward to further cooperation with you, which we will need to lead the project to a successful conclusion.

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