Modern Consumer Electronics GUIs
Engineered with Embedded Wizard

Lean. Versatile. Scalable. Fast.

Why Embedded Wizard?

Less Coding Effort & Development Time

Create engaging GUIs in less time with the easy-to-use Embedded Wizard Studio (i.e. the IDE).

Bryton is a manufacturer of GPS cycling computers. The comfortable IDE (with drag and drop) and visual programming model make it easy for Bryton to develop high quality GUIs.


Platform Independency & Flexibility

Design flexible user interfaces on any platform (MCU to MPU), bare metal or any (RT)OS

LOEWE is specialized in smart TVs and home entertainment. Embedded Wizard allowed them to map their GUI project on various SoCs with minimal effort.

Localization & Versatility

Develop graphical user interfaces that can be easily localized and adapted to different languages and markets

Metz Classic manufactures TV devices. With Embedded Wizad they benefit from easy localization possibilities for their GUI.

High Performance & Lean Memory Footprint

Build lean GUIs without having to accept losses in performance 

One of the world’s leading action camera manufacturers uses our technology and has developed a fast-responding GUI with smooth animations on a SoC without an integrated graphics accelerator.

What Our Customers Say

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