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Premium Color-Touch
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Product: GPS Rider 750
Company: Bryton Inc.
Domain: Consumer Electronics
Platform: STM32
GUI developed by: Customer 

The powerful cycling computer by Bryton Sport offers vast features such as online navigation, online voice search, route tracking, training workouts, several controls and analytics, and more. All in a lean but versatile GUI.

Simplifying the Handling

During the whole product development, Bryton has benefited from the easy-to-learn and usability of the Studio. The team has received full comprehensive support and documentation reference from Embedded Wizard. The team at Bryton stated that they were “impressed by Embedded Wizard’s GUI capabilities and the low memory usage while still keeping high FPS performance”.

Powerful Framework

Embedded Wizard has provided Bryton with a new perspective on GUI display building with less coding effort than other major competing GUI software solutions. The engineers of Bryton are skilled in embedded GUI development. The Studio helped them to cut down on development time and facilitated a fast-track project schedule.

The Result

With Embedded Wizard, Bryton was able to provide an easy-to-use and smooth user interface on Rider 750 within a short period of time. Built with a large 2.8” color touch screen, the Rider 750 incorporates a new intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) with dynamic colors corresponding to customized HR / Power zones and easy-to-understand icons. Bryton has launched the project Rider 750 in 2020 and will keep developing its new projects with Embedded Wizard.

About Bryton

Bryton Inc. was founded by consumer electronics product development and marketing professionals. Combining strong R&D and innovative product management teams across 5 continents, Bryton solidifies its capability in the consumer market.

Ertai Huang — Product Manager Bryton Inc.
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With Embedded Wizard, we were able to provide an intuitive GUI display on Rider 750 for our users within a limited time frame. Embedded Wizard GUI is exactly what we are looking for in a high-performance GUI tool for our project development. We will continue to use Embedded Wizard for our future Bryton color display models.

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