Porsche Panamera - Rear Seat Entertainment System​


Product Description

The rear seat entertainment system enables video and music playback from a DVD or USB source or from an external audio input. Two video displays, each with integrated DVD player unit, are mounted at the back of the two front seats. The audio playback is enabled via wireless headphones. The system is available as optional equipment from the “Porsche Exclusive” program for the new Porsche Panamera.

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) reflects the premium design of the car and includes appealing animation effects and a fast touch response. The user interface design was created by a third party design agency with the challenge to run it on a Fujitsu chipset with Embedded Linux. Embedded Wizard enables the creation and instant prototyping on a PC of such effects and animations, including full touch and mouse support. The optimized adaptation of the Embedded Wizard platform package to the underlying hardware capabilities and the GUI implementation by our experienced Embedded Wizard Services team was the key to achieve high performance UI behavior and to meet Porsche’s expectations.

Product: Rear Seat Entertainment System
Brand: Porsche (Optional equipment, “Porsche Exclusive” program)
Markets: Europe

Watch the Video “Nice GUI: DVD System in Porsche Panamera” on TARA’s YouTube Channel

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