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Start to create stunning HMIs for your embedded system. Follow our nine Master Classes to become an Embedded Wizard Expert.


Master Class Video Library

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Master Class #1



  • Core Architecture
  • Embedded Wizard Studio
  • Chora
  • Mosaic Framework
  • Platform Package
  • Build Environments

Master Class #2

Embedded Wizard Studio


  • Overview of the Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • The Composer and its members
  • Bricks – structure your GUI projects
  • Using the IDE with the Gallery
  • Adapt with the Inspector
  • Trace your GUI with the Log window
  • Find the bug with the Debugger
  • Shortcuts? Shortcuts!

Master Class #3



  • Why Chora?
  • An Overview
  • Excursus: Object-oriented Programming
  • Key Players: Properties, Slots & Observers
  • Best Practice

Master Class #4

Mosaic Framework


  • Basic Views and Effects
  • Event Handlers
  • Widgets and Templates
  • Scrollable Content
  • Screen Management

Master Class #5

Platform Package & Build Environment


  • Platform Package – The abstraction layer to the used hardware
  • Graphics Engine – How is the graphical subsystem utilized
  • Embedded Wizard’s Runtime Environment
  • Build Environment – The SDK to simplify the bring-up of your Embedded Wizard GUI

Master Class #6

Device Integration – or: How to exchange data?


  • Key Players: native statements
  • The Device Interface – our Best Practice approach
  • Connect the GUI with your C/C++ Code – The Device Driver

Master Class #7

GUI Architecture Examples


  • Typical GUI Architectures
  • All in One – Handle all parts of a GUI within one single group
  • Full Stack – Use dialog stacking to structure GUI
  • Managed screens – Use containers to manage layered screens

Master Class #8

Automated GUI Testing


Example using Embedded Wizard Test Framework with

  • Record/Playback tests
  • Learn/Verify tests
  • Test of GUI states
  • Test of GUI graphical output
  • Test during animations
  • Test of device interfaces
  • Test automation

Master Class #9



  • Use simulation to simplify the development
  • Create a simulation profile
  • Add a simulation panel
  • Add simulation controls


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