PIC32MZ DA Family

Graphics MCU with 32 MB of Integrated DRAM for your sophisticated GUI
Microchip PIC32MZ DA GUI HMI Graphics

MPU-like GUIs on Microchip's PIC32MZ DA

The PIC32MZ DA series, with its integrated Graphics Controller, Graphics Processor and available on-chip 32MB of DDR2 DRAM, lifts GUI designs to performance and quality levels not yet seen in embedded microcontroller applications. Developers that use the PIC32MZ DA in their designs should expect microprocessor-like graphics quality while still enjoying the ease of design of an MCU.

Why should I use Embedded Wizard Studio?

Quick & easy Development

Full-featured IDE to develop HMIs (including prototyping, debugging and profiling on your development PC)

Performance Boost

Utilizing of Microchip's GPU to achieve high framerates with low CPU power consumption

Runs with or without OS

HMIs can run on bare metal or with any RTOS, like FreeRTOS, Nucleus and others

No Dependencies

Regarding resolution, orientation or other software components

High-Efficient Code

Very small RAM and ROM footprint

State-of-the-art GUIs

Implementation of stunning and smartphone-like GUIs with high-performance animations and transitions

Unlimited use

Neither royalties per device, maintenance fees nor any regular subscriptions fees

Demo Application for PIC32MZ DA

If you want to experience the astonishing performance of an HMI application developed with Embedded Wizard on your own Microchip PIC32MZ DA, just register and download the Free Edition of Embedded Wizard.

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