Save valuable development time with Embedded Wizard x Phytec

By using Phytec’s standardized system on modules (SOM), a ready-made BSP and Phytec’s integration and design services, you eliminate six to twelve months from your development schedule. The complex development around MPUs are already taken care of on the modules. The SOM only needs to be provided as a component on your carrier board. Accelerate and simplify your development process and save time and costs with Phytec x Embedded Wizard!

Why should I use Embedded Wizard?

Quick & easy Development

Full-featured IDE to develop HMIs (including prototyping, debugging and profiling on your development PC)

Performance Boost

Utilizing highly optimized graphic hardware acceleration (using OpenGL ES 2.0) to achieve high framerates

Runs with or without OS

HMIs can run on bare metal or with various RTOSes, like FreeRTOS, Linux Yocto and others

No Dependencies

Regarding resolution, orientation, color depth or color format

Unlimited use

Neither royalties per device, maintenance fees nor any regular subscriptions fees

State-of-the-art GUIs

Implementation of stunning and smartphone-like GUIs with high-performance animations and transitions

High-Efficient Code

Very small RAM and flash footprint

Full Control

Independency of open source or any other 3rd party sw results in full control of license clearing & best support

Download Free Edition

Get to know Embedded Wizard's workflow on Phytec's phyBOARD®-Pollux

Getting started: Phytec x Embedded Wizard

Demo Application for phyBOARD®-Pollux

Experience rapid, smooth and low-maintenance development and performance of an HMI application developed with Embedded Wizard on Phytec’s SOM family.

Download the Free Edition of Embedded Wizard and follow the step-by-step instructions in our Knowledge Base to create a suitable UI application in shortest time.

About PHYTEC - Your Partner for Embedded Systems

The company has been developing and manufacturing embedded components used in reliable electronic series products for more than 35 years.

Processor modules like System on Modules and Single Board Computer, as well as OEM products based on them, are their core business. Customized embedded systems including software, housing design, and assembly extend our product range. With the company’s specialized know-how in embedded vision, IoT solutions, cloud services, embedded security, and artificial intelligence, they are ideally positioned to provide customers with professional support in the development of their product ideas.

Phytec products have proven themselves under the most demanding conditions. These include medical technology, traffic and transportation, the energy industry, avionics, building automation, drive technology, agricultural technology, or the automotive industry. As a family-owned company, Phytec employs around 370 people with 5 subsidiaries worldwide.

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