The Benefits

WebGL is an HTML5 browser technology allowing a web page to dynamically render and display 2D and 3D contents. WebGL conforms – technically seen – to the OpenGL ES 2.0 API, whereas JavaScript is used as its programming language.

Thanks to this new technology – supported by all common desktop web browser – it is now possible to use Embedded Wizard to create GUI applications which are optimized to run natively within a WebGL capable browser. This approach enhances your GUI project:

  • Significant reduction of platform dependence, because
  • Your GUI application can simply run within a web browser by just opening a URL.
  • Even already existing applications can be converted into a web application later and run inside a web browser.
  • The application benefits from the WebGL hardware acceleration, which gives you fast screen transitions and fluent animations.
  • The look-and-feel of the application is consistent with all common web browsers.

The Technology

Of course, all these aspects are covered by our JavaScript/WebGL Platform Package: Its Code Generator translates the GUI application and its business logic in the corresponding JavaScript syntax, whereas the WebGL Runtime Environment provides a common interface for the generated application. Furthermore, with an additional code obfuscation, it is difficult to reverse engineer the generated JavaScript code.

What are the most common use cases with this technology? You can, for example, use your GUI directly as a remote web UI for your device – with no need to develop an additional web application. And due to the fact that the GUI is rendered solely by the browser, there’s no need to transfer all screens rendered as bitmaps by the appliance to the remote host. Only the data to be visualized – and not the visualization itself – needs to be provided by the embedded device. And this saves resources and network bandwidth.

Moreover, you can deploy snapshots of your current GUI development very fast and convenient among other stakeholders of your project: It isn’t necessary anymore to wait for an embedded system to be usable, to upload it with the current firmware and to ship it to the adequate recipient. Now it is really easy for management, marketing, designers and all other contributors to just open a web application by loading an URL from the browsers.

Try Out

Try out this embedded GUI generated with the JavaScript/WebGL Platform Package right now within your browser:

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