Version 8.0: Even More Efficiency. Improved Resource Utilization.

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Well-known Functionality Gets a Great New Look

In order to keep pace with today’s design trends and UX guidelines, we gave Embedded Wizard Studio a complete facelift. The new look will give you a unified and intuitive user experience.

Knowledge Base and Context-Sensitive Help

The new integrated context-sensitive help system will help you to solve your development task even more efficient. It doesn’t matter where you are within the Studio: Just hit F1 and you get the adequate information.

Take a look at our new Knowledge Base.

Easy Access to the Examples

We have now integrated the example applications into the IDE of Embedded Wizard. Simply go to File -> Open Example, and you will see a list of all examples with helpful descriptions.

New Effect Classes

Based on jQuery’s well-known parameters, we have extended Embedded Wizard’s effect classes to afford greater flexibility for animations and transitions within your GUI project.

Generate 64Bit Applications

To be well-equipped for new architectures and configurations in the future, Embedded Wizard lets you compile your GUI as a native 64Bit application.

Supporting New Color Formats

In order to reduce significantly the memory consumption, Embedded Wizard now supports new color formats: RGB888 (24bit), RGB565 (16bit) and LumA44 (4bit grayscale). With these, you can now choose the color format best suited for your embedded platform.

Direct Access Support

Not enough RAM? Not a problem anymore: With Embedded Wizard you can now store uncompressed bitmaps and strings and load them directly from flash into your framebuffer. This new feature lets you get the best out of your platform, and this in a cost-effective way.

New Platforms

Embedded Wizard now offers even greater variety of supported platforms. Some of the new ones are: TI AM57x or Raspberry Pi 3, STM32F412 and also Linux windows system like Wayland/Weston or X11.

All supported platforms

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