Embedded Wizard Wins First Place at the Embedded Award 2024

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Munich, April 29, 2024 – Embedded Wizard, a leading solution for embedded Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) from TARA Systems, has been awarded first place in the Tools category at the prestigious Embedded Award 2024. The award was presented during the Embedded World Exhibition and Conference held in Nuremberg, Germany.

Embedded Wizard’s triumph in the Tools category underscores its commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of embedded GUI development. The product addresses the key challenges faced by embedded system engineers in creating high-performance GUIs with cutting-edge designs while navigating hardware limitations.

“We are deeply honored to receive this recognition for Embedded Wizard at the Embedded Award,” said Manuel Melic, Embedded Wizard’s Product Manager. “With over 20 years of industry presence, Embedded Wizard continues to adapt to meet the evolving needs of various sectors, including medical, automotive, consumer electronics and industrial domains. This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team in providing a GUI solution that meets the rigorous demands of embedded systems development.”

Embedded Wizard’s success lies in its ability to offer a lean, versatile, scalable, and fast solution optimized for microcontroller environments, allowing developers to create feature-rich interfaces without compromising system resources. Its platform independence and scalability ensure seamless integration across various hardware architectures, while its intuitive design and WYSIWYG editor expedite GUI development, minimizing errors and accelerating time-to-market.

The most recent iteration of Embedded Wizard, introduced in November 2023, not only introduces cutting-edge features that enhance performance and design but also champions sustainability across both new and existing systems, prioritizing energy efficiency. By providing a robust platform support, it ensures adaptability across various devices, catering to both modern systems and legacy hardware seamlessly, thus reducing waste. Embedded Wizard emphasizes sustainability for new systems by incorporating energy-efficient widgets optimized with vector graphics, resulting in streamlined memory usage and eliminating the necessity for multiple image versions.

Moving forward, Embedded Wizard remains committed to continuous development and innovation, with the anticipated release of Version 14 scheduled for Q4 of 2024. This upcoming release will not only facilitate the utilization of Embedded Wizard on new platforms, but also further advance sustainability efforts by integrating vector file resources natively.

Embedded Wizard – GUI Solutions by TARA Systems

Embedded Wizard is a market-leading solution for creating Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) for embedded systems from TARA Systems, based in Munich, Germany. The mission of the Embedded Wizard team is to provide developers with the most convenient and efficient tool for programming GUIs for embedded systems. Developers use this versatile framework to create complex user interfaces in a very short time and are able to stand out from their competitors due to the numerous highly sophisticated features. GUIs created with Embedded Wizard are already used on more than 500 million devices worldwide. Companies that actively develop embedded software themselves or have limited resources are offered a portfolio of services by the companies’ GUI services. These cover customer support, Embedded Wizard training sessions, and GUI prototyping up to complete GUI implementations.

Under the umbrella of the independent software company TARA Systems, the Embedded Wizard is constantly being improved and entering more and more industries and markets worldwide. TARA Systems offers components and services for embedded systems in the fields of Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, Industrial, Automotive, and Mobile Devices. With its more than 35 employees, the company has focused on reliable tools for graphical user interfaces and solutions for digital television reception for almost 30 years.

Embedded Award

The Embedded World Exhibition&Conference is the leading international trade fair for the embedded community. It takes place annually in Nuremberg, Germany, and serves as a key meeting point for professionals, experts, industry stakeholders and enthusiasts in the embedded industry. It provides invaluable insights into the realm of embedded systems, covering hardware and software, tools, components, and more. At its annual Embedded Award, an international jury of experts honors outstanding innovations in the field of embedded system technologies in the eight categories hardware, software, tools, embedded vision, safety & security, startup, artificial intelligence, and SoC/IP/IC design, showcasing the latest innovations and shaping the future of embedded technology.

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