A 20-Year Journey of Innovation: TARA Systems’ Embedded Wizard and STMicroelectronics

At TARA Systems, we cherish the power of enduring partnerships in the tech world. Today, we’re thrilled to share our remarkable 20-year collaboration with STMicroelectronics (ST), a journey that has catalyzed groundbreaking UI innovations and expanded horizons for STM32 engineers.

20 Years of Collaboration

Our partnership with ST traces back two decades, stemming from the era of set-top boxes and digital TV. As the demand for swift and efficient UI development surged, we also began to support ST’s dedicated SoCs for CE devices. Embedded Wizard thus achieved to deliver critical graphical interfaces and optimized user experiences, setting the stage for future UI innovations on STM32 platforms.

Pioneering Innovation

Our inaugural STM32 GUI debuted on the STM32F4. By 2015, as the technology landscape developed, onboard displays and graphical interfaces had become the norm. ST responded with the STM32F7, a leap in performance. Drawing from our STM32F4 experience, we promptly crafted a novel solution for the F7, pioneering a trend by showcasing it on YouTube.

A Commitment to Innovation

Today, Embedded Wizard builds on this rich legacy, offering demos that support ST’s latest technologies, including the 2.5D accelerator NeoChrom GPU, and tailoring applications for devices like the STM32U599 and MPUs.

Lessons From A Thriving Partnership

Lesson 1: Added Value Matters

Embedded Wizard yields a toolkit capable of creating scalable UIs on STM32. Developers seamlessly port environments across different microcontrollers, enhancing efficiency. Our toolkit extends beyond TouchGFX, demonstrating why Embedded Wizard thrives even when ST provides a free UI framework.

Lesson 2: Innovation Expands Horizons

TARA Systems, a vital member of the ST Partner Program, empowers STM32 engineers to reach broader industry adoption. Our agnostic approach simplifies porting interfaces to various platforms. Working closely with ST ensures our engine scales seamlessly across diverse computing platforms.

The TARA Systems-ST partnership is a testament to the rewards of long-term collaboration. Our journey proves that enduring relationships fuel innovation and open new opportunities. We eagerly anticipate continuing this remarkable journey, pushing the boundaries of UI technology together.

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